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This Remedy is More Effective than Drugs and Chemotherapy

This Remedy is More Effective than Drugs and Chemotherapy

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Combining baking soda, lemon, and water produces chemotherapy 10,000 times better and more effective than chemotherapy. Unfortunately, this fact remains a secret since it does not serve the interests of some major companies. Several studies show that lemons have anti-cancer properties strong enough to treat tumors and cyst. Tests on different types of cancerous cells prove that lemons can help in the treatment of cancer.

This Remedy is More Effective than Drugs and Chemotherapy

Because of the potent microbial effects exhibited by the lemon fruit, it can be used to treat several fungal and bacterial infections. Using lemons also helps in the fight against internal parasites as well as regulation of blood pressure. The lemon fruit contains properties capable of reducing stress and calming nerve crises, which is significantly useful to the nervous system.

Baking soda is quite effective in normalizing pH levels. As such, combining baking soda with lemon greatly enhances the potential capabilities of lemon fruit as a remedy for the health issues mentioned above.

According to the results of more than 20 lab experiments, lemon actually prevents the metastasis of cancerous cells. The tests also revealed that lemon fruit extract destroyed 12 different types of cancer cells.

When compared to conventional medicine such as chemotherapy and Adriamycin, the lemon fruit was found to be about 10,000 more potent. Apart from destroying cancerous cells, it is also notable that the ingestion of lemon and baking soda has zero side effects. This combination bears no adverse effects on your healthy cells.

Continual experiments show that it would be beneficial for cancer patients to take lemon juice with one teaspoon of baking soda. However, patients should note that this type of treatment does not have the ability to cure the side effects of chemotherapy.

The lemon fruit is more useful as a remedy if it is purely organic. Natural lemons are 100 times more active than those cultivated using fertilizers and treated with chemicals. Growing the fruit yourself is the best way to ensure it is entirely natural and contains no chemicals whatsoever.

In his book, Testimonies on Baking Soda, Dr. Sircus highlights the uses of sodium bicarbonate as a pain relieving remedy. He reveals that he once suffered a severe headache, relief of which he was unable to achieve regardless of the painkillers ingested.

However, he successfully cured a headache by simply taking a single teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) mixed with water. His relief was not instantaneous seeing as the pain gradually reduced over time. It was, however, completely cured within an hour.

As a result, Dr. Sircus takes a cup of sodium bicarbonate solution whenever he experiences pain. To his pleasant surprise, the results are always the same. Apart from being amazed by the potency sodium bicarbonate exhibits, Dr. Sircus regards baking soda as the best pain reliever he ever tried.

According to Dr. Sircus, this particular home remedy requires a maximum of two hours to cure pain effectively. He remembers that whenever his father, a veterinarian, had symptoms of the cold, he took warm water mixed with baking soda. It was the same remedy his father tried on him after he developed the cold as a young boy. He too had responded well to this treatment with the symptoms disappearing immediately.

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With the help of a gastric tube, his father, the veterinarian, would also administer sodium bicarbonate to farm animals. Surprisingly, even the farm animals reacted positively to this treatment. Dr. Sircus bears relevant testimonies regarding the health benefits of baking soda tracing as far back as his childhood.


As you may well be aware, most conventional medicines for the treatment of cancer cause significant side effects. As such, the availability of an alternate remedy with no side effects offers considerable benefits to the overall health of quite a number. The potentially reduced costs, levels of pain, and elimination of side effects such as loss of hair make trying this home remedy worthwhile.

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