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9 Signs That Prove You’re A Couple That Everybody Loves And Wants To Be

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9 Signs That Prove You’re A Couple That Everybody Loves And Wants To Be

9 Signs That Prove You’re A Couple That Everybody Loves And Wants To Be

A satisfying and happy relationship is what everybody is striving to have in the long term. While this can be difficult to come by, there are some signs to look for that show you are in a strong relationship. The media is constantly feeding us the idea that romance and attraction are the key components to a relationship. However, this does not sustain a relationship over time. Here are nine signs that prove you’re a couple that everybody loves and wants to be.

9 Signs That Prove You’re A Couple That Everybody Loves And Wants To Be

1. You and your partner both keep your own identity inside the relationship. While marriage may be a large part of your identity, each person still needs to be true to their individual self outside of being the title of “husband” or “wife.” Strongermarriage.org stresses the idea that keeping strong relationships with family outside of the marriage is beneficial in the long run.

2. There is a very strong trust between you. Couples should openly discuss everything, whether it is good or bad. There should be no secrets or hidden agendas. If there is a strong sense of trust, there is also a deep level of comfort within the relationship.

3. You and your spouse have the same basic values and goals in life. You each know what you want to get out of life, the extent of your goals, and your desired accomplishments. Successful couples are firmly committed to working together to achieve these goals.

4. You have your own space. Spending every minute together in a relationship is not necessarily healthy. Taking time as individuals to pursue your own goals and interests keeps your relationship fresh. This will help you grow as a couple as you are each giving the other an opportunity to grow as an individual. Dr. James Dobson suggests to not smother a spouse by calling several times per day. Have your alone time and then cherish your time together.

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5. You fight. Disagreements are healthy and normal. When people who are in healthy relationships fight with each other, they fight fairly and productively. Name calling is not constructive. Striving to understand each other rather than just prove your own point is a healthy way to fight. It is also important to apologize when you know you are wrong.

6. Treat each other with kindness. Using care, consideration, appreciation, and empathy are vital when interacting with your spouse. If you are constantly disrespectful to your partner, step back and see how this is affecting the interaction.

7. You and your spouse feel confident and safe when communicating personal needs and wants with each other. Relevant issues are discussed during a set aside time, so each person can listen carefully and give all of their attention to their partner. This is essential in order to truly understand each other.

8. You are able to compromise. It is important to be able to respect each other’s differences, no matter how important the issue is. Turn your differences into a fair compromise so each person in the relationship is happy.

9. You both have realistic expectations and wishes for the relationship, and do not spend time fantasizing about what it could be. Dealing with the life of another extraordinarily complex person and their issues in addition to yourself is a lot to handle. Realize that no marriages are fairy tales and there is no help in pursuing unrealistic ideals.

Being the couple that everyone wants to be is a tough thing to do, but it is reasonable. With conscious effort on the part of both people in a relationship, and constant work, relationships can continue to grow and strengthen.

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