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Burn Fat While You Sleep is Real! Here’s How…

Burn Fat While You Sleep is Real! Here's How...

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Burn Fat While You Sleep is Real! Here’s How

Many people have tried almost everything in order to lose weight. They have done everything from regular exercise to extreme sports. After a while, of not working out, they begin to gain weight once again. Little did they know that they can even burn fat without doing anything. As a matter of fact, you burn fat even while you sleep.

How Does This Work?

Our body naturally burns fats and calories after eating. However, during the day, the length of time between our meals may be too short to burn enough fats. This is because our body burns carbohydrates first as an immediate source of energy. Because of this, our fats are not converted immediately so they are stored in our body much longer.

When we sleep, we do not move that much so our bodies do not use carbohydrates to convert to energy. Instead, it is converted to fats. On the other hand, it is during our sleep that our body rejuvenates itself by replacing dead cells. In replacing dead cells, fats are being utilized, hence our body burns them to repair damaged tissues and cells.

Moreover, it requires eight hours to digest our last meal and processed it to rejuvenate our body. The big difference starts beyond eight hours as excess fats and carbohydrates are being burned heavily for other uses. Therefore, 12 hours of fasting can bring significant results. If you want to burn fats while you sleep, the ideal method is to eat your last meal for the day at 7:00 pm and have your breakfast the next day at 7:00 am. Don’t eat in between. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be that difficult for you as you are asleep most of that period.

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Is There any Type of Food I’m Required to Eat?

There is no such requirement as to what type of food you should not because this weight-loss method is not a diet plan nor an exercise program. Literally, you don’t have to do anything. Regardless of the food, the only thing that you should determine is when to eat and when not to.

Nevertheless, there is a study made by scientists at North Carolina Research Campus and is published by Plants for Human Health Institute that fruits, herbs, and vegetables such as blueberries and green tea help burn fat while sleeping.

What Else the Benefit of 12- hour Intermittent Fasting?

According to Cleveland Clinic, “fasting can have a beneficial effect on patients with diabetes and cardiovascular disease, help to reduce cholesterol levels in certain conditions, affect the process of inflammation and even trigger stem cell regeneration.” The reason why fasting is good for patients with diabetes is that the insulin level rises only when eating and decreases in between meals.

Another benefit of not eating at night for 12 hours is that our digestive system rests and releases stress. Furthermore, intermittent fasting, while we sleep, detoxifies our body. This is the reason why our first urine in the morning is thicker and darker.

When is the Right Time to Sleep?

There is no specific requirement in terms of sleeping time in order to fast for 12 hours at night. However, it is best if you are asleep during the entire period of 10:00 pm to 2:00 am as it is during such a period that our body rejuvenates itself the most. What is important is that you sleep for at least seven to eight hours every night without eating for 12 hours.


Losing weight doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need to push yourself to your limit. All you need is to change your lifestyle. Knowing when to eat is as important as knowing what you should not eat. Nevertheless, it is still recommended to ask your doctor for more advice before you implement and weight-loss method.


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