9 Reasons You Need More Bathroom Breaks

9 Reasons You Need More Bathroom Breaks

9 Reasons You Need More Bathroom Breaks

Bathroom breaks can be a disturbing problem that interferes with work responsibilities and social activities. This annoying symptom can result from a number of conditions that can be resolved with help from your primary care physician or gynecologist. If you suffer from the problem of frequent urination, make an appointment to discuss the issue with your doctor.

1 – Having A Small Bladder
Genetics has provided a variety of human characteristics, and some individuals are simply born with a small bladder than others.  If you have always made frequent trips to the restroom, it may be because you are built that way and will have to learn to accommodate this quirk in your everyday needs. You may be able to extend the time between bathroom visits by retraining your bladder or reducing the amount of fluids you drink during the day.

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2 – Certain Medications Increase Urination
If you find you are going to the bathroom more frequently, it could be because of the medications you are taking. Diuretics are frequently prescribed for high blood pressure, and these drugs have the effect of increasing urination. If the problem becomes troublesome, talk to your doctor about alternatives that don’t have this side effect.

3 – You’re Not Drinking Enough Fluids
You may think that drinking too much fluid can cause frequent trips to the bathroom, but not drinking enough water and other liquids can also be a problem. When you don’t drink enough, your urine becomes more concentrated and irritates the bladder lining, cause you to urinate more frequently, but in smaller amounts. Try drinking more fluids throughout the day, especially in hot weather.

4 – You Have a Bladder Infection or Kidney Stones

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