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What’s the Link Between Woman’s Bust Size and Intelligence

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What's the Link Between Woman's Bust Size and Intelligence

Believe it or not, scientists are now discovering that there is a link between a woman’s intelligence and her bust size. There have been scores of tests done around the world looking into this interesting issue. In this article, we will take a look at what scientific data is now telling us about what bust size has to do with intelligence and personality.

Higher IQ

The famous study that looked into this issue was done in 2011 by a sociologist at the University of Chicago. On average, the women in this group of 1,200 that had larger breasts scored 10 points higher on IQ tests. Researchers suggest that this correlation has something to do with an increased level of $ex hormones.


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Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce company, looked into whether or not bust size had anything to due with a woman’s spending habits. They found that women who bought B-sized bras on their site spent less money than people who bought D-cups. Some people believe that women who have larger breasts have a greater tendency to have the means to afford expensive plastic surgery, which could indicate that they have more disposable income.

Self-Esteem and Eating Habits

A study published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery showed that women who had larger breasts had a higher likelihood of developing mental disorders like depression. It also found that women with larger breasts tended to develop unhealthy eating disorders. One of the factors that researchers believe leads to this correlation is that bigger breasts often lead to problems with a woman’s shoulders, neck, and back. These problems lead to less physical activity.

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While all these studies are interesting, we should remember that the exact causes for these correlations is not yet fully known. One important takeaway from these studies, however, is that our culture is often at odds with what science says. It is important not to jump to conclusions like “all women with larger cup sizes are dumb.” Hopefully, these studies will combat some of these negative stereotypes as the century wears on.

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