How She Healed Her Hashimoto's Disease Without Hormones

How She Healed Her Hashimoto’s Disease Without Hormones

Dana struggled with a thyroid condition known as Hashimoto’s Disease. This condition develops when your body’s immune system attacks your thyroid. Hashimoto’s can cause weight gain, fatigue, muscle aches and constipation.

How She Healed Her Hashimoto's Disease Without Hormones

Dana committed to self-healing and self-mastery to defeat Hashimoto’s and reverse the damage done to her liver. Her routine included changes to her diet including juicing, switching to organics and being vigilant about monitoring her nutrition.

She also committed to a program of emotional self-care that included meditation, visualization, self-nurturing and self-love.

Tangible goal setting became a large part of her routine. By writing out her goals, she made them front and center in her life until she could see, feel and taste them. While caring for her body and her spirit, she built her future.

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By these actions, Dana successfully lost 11.5 kilos. Her thyroid condition has disappeared, and she has reversed her liver disease.

Dana found that by changing her focus to her health and well-being, many things and people began to fall away. While this has been difficult, she has learned the healing power of tears and continues to take good care of herself so she can care for her daughters.

Every portion of her life has changed as she reaches for health and moves toward her purpose.