5 Things to Do to Get Laid After a Long Break

Bringing affectionate feelings back, especially after an extended break, has proven an uphill task for most couples. Many couples experience prolonged periods without physical contact. It might be due to time apart as a result of different work schedules, health concerns such as a difficult pregnancy, or general marital discord. Here are 5 things to do to get laid after a long break.

Regardless of the cause, it is not always easy to pick up from where you left off once you resolve the issue. Most couples will often nervously joke about or not discuss it all the same. In fact, your initial physical contact might feel rather awkward because talking about this area of your marriage was difficult.

Acknowledge the awkwardness

You need to have a candid conversation about the situation, which can only happen after you acknowledge the awkwardness.
• Talk about the experience of being without physical contact, the enjoyable aspects and why you would like it back.
• Discuss your feelings of apprehension such as issues related to your body image, possible pain, or fear of repeating the negative patterns.
• Maintain a positive conversation, remembering your aim is to move forward.
• Keep it short and stick to the topic. A single conversation does not have to cover everything.
• Listen and encourage sharing of experiences and feelings.

Schedule your time

The initiation of physical affections can prove difficult, especially with a history of rejection or lack of clarity on the readiness of your partner. The anxiety can often be so high that you would rather not experience the pain of rejection again. Scheduling a time to be affectionate eliminates initiation since you both begin to prepare emotionally and mentally early enough. You might increase your flirting, take a shower, or clear your schedules, which heightens the anticipation. The chances of success improve once you set aside a specific time.

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