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DIY Repellent Spray That Keeps Mosquitoes at Bay

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DIY Repellent Spray That Keeps Mosquitoes at Bay

DIY Repellent Spray That Keeps Mosquitoes at Bay

Nowadays, with all the news about the Zika virus, you may have fears about mosquitoes. Does that mean you should avoid those summer activities you’re looking forward to? Must you go around wearing that awful smelling insect repellent? Besides the bad odor, many of these products contain chemicals that can be harmful to your body. In fact, when you use repellent spray containing Deet, you may be infecting your blood and your system with toxic chemicals.

DIY Repellent Spray That Keeps Mosquitoes at Bay

Well, don’t worry because I have a bug repellent you might like. It’s safe, effective and is actually good for you because it contains apple cider vinegar and fresh or dried parsley.


Apple cider vinegar has incredible benefits for your health. Did you know that it’s full of vitamins and minerals and works wonders for your skin? Yes, for example if you’re suffering with a sunburn, it can relieve your skin and reduce peeling.

It makes a great skin cleanser, too. Just mix half a cup of it with a cup of water and pat it on your face with a cotton ball. It not fights dirt and acne, it also moisturizes your skin and diminishes freckles and spots!

This two-ingredient insect repellent spray is easy to make and definitely keeps mosquitoes away. Another great benefit is that it will help your skin to brown instead of burn. Don’t worry about the smell because it goes away as soon as it dries.

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