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5 Signs of Overly Selfish Partner

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5 Signs of Overly Selfish Partner

5 Signs of Overly Selfish Partner

Poets have long written on the reverence and wonders of love. Love is considered the foundation for any healthy relationship. If love is truly the foundation of our relationships, benevolence is the structure which protects us. Far too often in relationships, one partner is more giving than the other. An unbalanced relationship tends to fall off the pedestal couples place it on when they first meet. It is crucial to recognize when your partner is overly selfish and look for a solution when possible. Here are a few signs of overly selfish partner.

5 Signs of Overly Selfish Partner

Their Family

It may seem strange, but a new study by the University Of Michigan indicates there might be a genetic link to selfishness. If your partner’s family has a healthy altruistic relationship, you’re probably safe. If there is a history of divorce or abandonment, you may want to dig a little deeper into the cause to protect yourself form overly selfish partner.

Their Laziness

Does it ever seem that your partner has all the energy in the world to do what they enjoy? You may consider what is their energy level when you ask them to do something with you that you enjoy? If your partner is suddenly tired, it could be a very good sign that they are selfish. This is especially true if household chores are usually your responsibility.

Their Competitiveness

Have you ever come home from a long day at work and said: “Wow, I am tired.” What is your partner’s usual response? A healthy response should be something empathetic. They might say they are sorry that you are tired, or offer to take care of dinner.

However, if your partner challenges your response with a reason he or she is more tired, they are showing signs of being competitive towards you. This isn’t always a clear sign of selfishness but pay attention if it’s reoccurring.

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They Don’t Respect Your Independence

Before meeting your partner, did you seem to have a more self-sufficient life? Now that you are in this relationship do you find yourself staying home more? Perhaps you have lost friends or jobs because of your relationship. According to the State University of New York at Stony Brook, a partner that is over controlling or does not respect your desires and ability to be independent is showing clear signs of selfishness.

They NEVER Apologize

Never apologizing is perhaps the clearest sign that your partner is selfish. Instead of apologizing they may try to justify their actions. They may also try to shift the blame by saying they would never have done what was wrong if you had not been wrong first. Whatever their excuse for failing to apologize, if they never can humble themselves and admit they were wrong no matter how clear it is they are wrong, they are showing very clear signs of selfishness.

If your partner shows one or more of these signs, they may be selfish. You should not automatically throw in the towel if your partner manifests these traits.

First, you should talk to your partner about your feelings. Love is the foundation of your relationship, so even if they lack the altruistic properties of a strong partner, you can build on your foundation of love.

Second, seek receive couples counseling if your partner still shows signs of selfishness. If they refuse or counseling does not help, you may need to reevaluate whether to be in the relationship.

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