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7 Day Cleansing Diet Base Plan

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7 Day Cleansing Diet Base Plan

This is not a complicated-menu, counting-calorie diet, in fact it’s a really easy 7 day cleanse diet that might help in the transformation of a healthier version of you! It’s also the perfect easy way to recover from holidays or overindulging while on vacation. And that’s the perfect time for a cleansing diet, since its purpose is to detoxify the body from daily contamination and toxic materials, whether that’s from pollution, the food we eat or the plastic products we use every day.
So, as I told you, you don’t have to worry about a diet that involves eating little or nothing over the course of a 7-day cleanse, in fact this diet might include more food than what you expect. The important thing here as in everything in life, quality over quantity, is not how much you eat, but what you eat. There are certain types of foods that help you clean out your body. There are many ways to detoxify and cleanse your body; the following is a more reasonable but effective diet that gives that body a break from the less-healthy foods.

7 days cleaning based diet plan

7 Day Cleansing Diet Base Plan

• Cut out all meat, fish and dairy products. If desired, you can also cut out tofu and other meat alternatives, as well as beans.

• Don’t eat any processed foods or simple carbohydrates, in fact, anything that comes in a package.

• Eat raw, organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible. Make them the main part of your food. If you want juice, make sure it is freshly squeezed and not from a bottle.

7 day cleanse diet plan 1

• If you really feel like you have to eat something cooked, try brown rice or quinoa. This is a healthy, fiber-filled food that will help you feel fuller.

• Remember that the point of a cleansing diet isn’t starvation. Eat when you are hungry, sticking to raw, unprocessed foods as much as you can.

• Learn something from the diet; get to know your body. Don’t go back immediately to eating as you used to, start gradually adding more cooked foods, if you don’t feel like eating something you used to eat, don’t eat it, listen to your body and how it feels after the diet, maybe you’ll find you don’t have the taste for them anymore after your week of really healthy eating.

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