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Snoring Problems In Women- A Primer on the Causes and Cures

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Snoring Problems In Women- A Primer on the Causes and Cures

Snoring Problems In Women- A Primer on the Causes and Cures

It is both frustrating and embarrassing to be constantly reminded of the fact that you sound like an animal when asleep, especially when you have no memory of it whatsoever. And once you’re awake to the rude grunts of your spouse it is impossible to drift off to sleep again usually resulting in fights and sleeping in separate bedrooms. Snoring is a very common problem among middle aged women. This is because with time your breathing passage narrows, the jaw muscles sag and close down upon your throat blocking the air passage. Discussed below are some simple and effective cures for snoring. Check them out:

Snoring Problems In Women- A Primer on the Causes and Cures

Talk it out:

Snoring is a trouble for both you and your partner, and restless nights can make you really cranky in the morning leading to tension and rifts in the relationship. Instead of avoiding the topic, talk it out with your spouse. Ask him questions such as how loud you are, how long do your snore and other things. This not only gives you a good idea about your snoring problem but also strengthens your relationship.

Watch your diet:

Give up on high calorie junk food and switch to a healthy and nutritious diet of fruits and vegetables. Adopting a healthy lifestyle keeps you refreshed and charged up all day long and ensures uninterrupted sleep at night. It even helps you lose weight, a major cause for sleep apnoea and other sleeping disorders. Avoid excess caffeine, cigarettes and other alcohol beverages before going to bed it may trigger your snores at night.

Exercises for curing snoring:

There are many throat and tongue exercises that can help you reduce those loud snores:
Move your jaw in a chewing motion to prevent throat blockage
Try sticking out your tongue for a while holding it firmly
Chewing gum, playing the didgeridoo and yawning also cures snoring
You can even try yoga asanas such as pranayama and meditation for a peaceful sleep

Nasal strips and chin straps:

A nasal strip looks pretty much like a bandage that you have to stick on the nose joint. The tiny plastic protruding that helps you breather naturally. It enhances your breathing by widening your nasal passage and is very useful for asthma patients.

Even chin straps come in very handy to regulate uneven breathing. It is a soft and comfortable cup shaped structure that you have to wear under your chin. The straps are then attached to the sides of your face keeping it securely fastened. It allows you a better sleeping position by holding your chin and jaw in place.


Mouth pieces:

Anti-snoring mouth pieces are of two types TSD or tongue stabilizing devices and MAD or mandibular advancement devices. Both serve the same purpose of reducing your snoring, the TSD holds your tongue in place while the MAD holds your jaw intact. Also it is very easy and absolutely safe to use, all you need to do it set it inside your mouth. Very convenient and cheap, these anti-snoring mouth pieces are pretty popular among women who are looking for instant snoring solutions.

Humidifiers and nasal sprays:

Humidifiers are ideal for cold dry places having low humidity that dries up the moisture in the nasal passage. This results in troubled and interrupted breathing through the mouth. Installing a humidifier with your home’s central temperature regulator is a smart way to maintain the moisture levels in your bedroom.

Nasal sprays works on somewhat the same principle, the only difference is you have to insert it inside your nostril and squirt a small amount of the medicated spray inside. It instantly clears the cough and mucus blocking the nose that helps you breathe properly.

The bottom line:

Snoring is considered very crass and non-feminine, supposed to be a disorder that a women must be ashamed of (yes, we know that’s ridiculous). It is high time we break free from such stigmas and accept snoring as a natural bodily reaction when it cannot inhale properly. Also don’t ignore your snores as something normal, uneven breathing may cut off the oxygen supply resulting in fatal strokes and heart attacks. Try out these simple remedies but visit a doctor immediately if you see no signs of improvement.

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