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10 Ways to Enjoy having Chemistry with Your Partner

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10 Ways to Enjoy having Chemistry with Your Partner

10 Ways to Enjoy having Chemistry with Your Partner

When it comes to getting physical in the bedroom and enhancing your love life, there are a number of ways to enjoy having chemistry with your partner and spicing up your time together. There are a number of ways to increase your connection and enjoy added pleasure. When it comes to performing foreplay, there are a number of hot tips to follow when it comes to finding the best love spots on the body.

1_10 Hot Tips on Using Those Love Spots

1. Nape of the Neck

There are many different nerve endings on the nape of the neck, which makes it an ideal place to gently rub or kiss to give your partner chills. Kiss or lick the neck to turn up the heat and show your physical attraction to your spouse.

2. Inner Thigh

The inner thigh is a hot spot on men’s bodies due to its close proximity to their private parts. Massage or caress this area to get a reaction out of your partner and tease them before moving lower.

3. Ears

Tugging on the ears with your teeth will tease your spouse when you’re making love and will excite them when you’re trying to get them in the mood. You can also whisper dirty words into their ear for a flirty way of increasing your attraction to one another.

4. Chin

The chin is one of the most er@genous zones on the body, which can be kissed or nibbled on when you’re making love to excite the man in your life.

5. Lower Abs

Women who want to have fun in bed with their beau can spend a bit of time kissing or licking the lower abs of their partner. The area is sensitive on men due to its close proximity to their private parts. You can even lightly brush your fingers along their skin, which will give them chills and increase their mood while you’re in bed together.

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6. Lower Back

Massage the lower back to reduce tension in your partner’s body and relax the private parts before it’s time to make love. This will allow your time together to become more pleasurable when working on a love spot that will increase your partner’s libido.

7. Lips

The lips are one of the most sensitive areas on the body and can trigger different feelings while getting physical with another person. Spend a bit of time on your partner’s lips by licking their mouth or lightly brushing your lips against theirs. You can also nibble on their bottom lip for a fun way of being a tease and causing sparks to fly.

8. Nipples

Both men and women can enjoy having their nipples kissed, licked, and fondled while enjoying physical acts together. Nipples is the love spot that has plenty of nerves and are considered to be a private part that can increase your longing for one another when they’re touched. You can choose to be gentle or rough on the area before exploring the rest of their body.

9. Eyelids

Many people are unaware that the eyelids are a sensitive love spot on the face and can trigger different emotions with physical touch. Kiss the eyelids of your partner with a soothing caress that will work as a stimulant. This will also communicate affection toward your significant other and will enhance your connection as you enjoy a bit of foreplay.

10. Feet

Those who aren’t turned off by feet can give their spouse a foot rub by massaging the body parts with a stimulating tactic that will prove to be effective. You can also flirt during your time together by sucking on the toes and licking the area. Massaging the bottom of the feet can also help your partner to relax and get them in the mood to be physical.

You may have a routine when spending time in the sheets with your significant other, but there are ways to make it a more enjoyable experience from beginning to end. When you want to find the best love spots for foreplay, there are several areas on the body that are sensitive to physical touch.

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