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Is Your Vagina Too Big?

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Is Your Vagina Too Big?

Is Your Vagina Too Big?

Many women wonder if the size of their Vagina is normal. Most of us don’t spend a lot of time looking at it or comparing ours with other women. Most women don’t know what is normal, what is abnormal, or why it matters. Now studies are beginning to be done to answer those questions.

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Dr. Brook McFadden decided to find out what was normal by measuring the private parts of 168 women with the average age 57 to see what a lady might expect. On the width of the inner lips, the average of the left lip was 2.1 cm wide but the range could be from 0.4 cm to 6.4 cm. The average width of the right lip was 1.9 cm but could range from 0.3 cm to 7.0 cm. There was a very wide range, making it difficult to choose a normal size.

For the outer lips, the average size was about 8.1 cm or about the length of a nail polish bottle. Sizes ranged from 4.0 cm to 11.8 cm, showing each woman is more unique than average. A lady’s pleasure center had a width from 0.2 cm to 0.5 cm and an average length from 0.4 cm to 4.0 cm with the average length 1.6 cm. The canal into the body is on average 9.6 cm long, about the size of a tube of lip gloss. Length can range 6.5 cm to 12.5 cm.

Many things can change the size of your secret part. Giving birth stretches your body. Making love also can affect size. The more loving a woman has, the larger her Vagina might be. Age is also important. When a woman ages, her private parts get smaller.

Age not only affects the size of a lady’s personal part. Less estrogen makes the skin there paler, less smooth and full. The opening and length can shrink and the sensitive part can become more irritated and itchy. There is a greater chance of infections such as urinary tract infections and infections of the private part itself.

There are things to do to help your Vagina stay healthy. Don’t use perfumed soaps or douches which can irritate and infect. Yeast infections are common and are very itchy. To fight yeast infections, use probiotics to fight yeast growth. Eating garlic, drinking cranberry juice, and taking oregano oil capsules will kill the yeast. Wearing loose clothing helps the area get air and stay dry so the yeast and infections don’t grow as well.

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For women who want to tighten their Vagina or have symptoms of leaking pee when sneezing, pressure in the lower body, and/or trouble emptying when, Kegel exercises can help. Kegel exercises tighten the muscles around a lady’s private part and does more than make it tighter. With age and after having babies, these muscles are not as strong and need to workout to get stronger. Kegel exercises will help pain in the pelvic area and fight against peeing when you don’t want to pee.

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Many women don’t know how to do Kegel exercises. When you start peeing, make yourself stop, and hold for 10 seconds. Those are the muscles you want to work. By squeezing these muscles, they become stronger. Begin with a few squeezes, than try to work up to 50 times a day, holding each for 10 seconds. The muscles in your lower body should become stronger. For more Kegel exercises, try: http://kegelexercisesforwomen.com/

There are surgeries to tighten the Vagina, but are they needed? Most doctors do not think it is necessary to cut and stitch to tighten the area. With exercises and care, the private area will become its perfect size. Doctors also say women who have surgery are not always happier. Surgery doesn’t make a woman feel more beautiful.

Size doesn’t matter, unless it causes pain or illness and most of the time does not. There isn’t a certain size a woman should be in that area, so women should not worry about if they are too big or too little. Instead, work they should work for a healthy lady part for better enjoyment of life and less problems.

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