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8 Ways to Get Fast Bruise Healing

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8 Ways to Get Fast Bruise Healing

Bruises are a natural, if unpleasant, part of being human. When a part of the body experiences a strong, sudden impact it results in damage to the small blood vessels under the skin. The blood then leaks into the surrounding tissues causing painful and unsightly black/blue/purple marks. Though they can appear within minutes of receiving a hard blow, bruises can take up to three weeks to heal completely. Fortunately there are a variety of natural remedies for fast bruise healing, and here are the top recommendations:

1. Arnica.
Arnica has been used for hundreds of years to treat bruises and swelling. A member of the daisy family, arnica can be purchased in gel, oil, or tablet form, and works best when applied topically.

2. Pineapple & Papaya.
Pineapple and papaya both contain powerful levels of bromelain, an enzyme that helps reduce blood clots and swelling. Adding at least 500 milligrams of bromelain each day will speed up the bruise healing process.

3. Vitamin K.
Vitamin K is an effective way to treat blood clotting and tissue damage, and is found in dark leafy green vegetables such as broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Try to consume as much as possible in your diet, and for even faster results apply vitamin K cream directly to the bruised area.

4. Vinegar + Warm Water.
Vinegar is an extremely effective way to break up the blood that pools under bruised skin. Wellness guru David Wolfe recommends applying a solution of vinegar and warm water as soon as the bruise begins to appear, and repeat as often as desired.

5. Herbal Tea Compress.
Teas contain potent tannins that shrink swollen tissue and constrict blood vessels. Both black and green teas work, with chamomile and lavender a particularly popular combination. Dip the tea bag in hot water and press directly to the bruise. If steeping loose tea leaves dip a cloth in the tea water and apply instead.


6. Onion.
Onions have natural anti-inflammatory properties, and help to repair damaged skin cells, as well as relieve pain. Home Remedy Hacks recommends extracting onion juice and applying it directly on the bruise, allowing the skin to absorb the juice completely.

7. Bilberry.
Bilberry contains antioxidants called anthocyanosides that strengthen the blood vessels and balance vital collagen, which is necessary for skin renewal. Bruises form due to blood that has seeped out of broken capillaries and into surrounding tissues, rendering it necessary to strengthen the walls of your capillaries to speed up healing and prevent further damage. Bilberry extract is available in liquid or supplemental pill form at most major health food stores.

8. Parsley.
Parsley not only controls blood clot and inflammation of bruising, but helps in pain reduction. Crush a handful of parsley leaves and press onto the bruise. Wrap a bandage around the area to keep the parsley in place. Repeat after a few hours.

There are a multitude of natural household remedies for treating a bruise, often requiring you to go no further than your kitchen. Vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables, vinegars, and even teas are extremely effective and easily accessible. Keep in mind, when healing a bruise it’s important to take the necessary steps as soon as possible.

The earlier you can treat the affected area the faster and more effective the results will be. Refrain from moving around more often than necessary after the bruise forms, as the damage will increase the more you walk, jump, or run. Try not to consume aspirin, as this could worsen the bruise and cause unpleasant side effects.

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