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She Ate Nothing But Fast Food for a Week…Now See What Happened to Her Body

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She Ate Nothing But Fast Food for a Week...Now See What Happened to Her Body

She Ate Nothing But Fast Food for a Week…Now See What Happened to Her Body

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A report from The Obesity Action Coalition recently stated that the number of fast food restaurants has doubled since the 1970s, and that the number of obese Americans has doubled during the same time period. Fast food is high in fat, calories, and sugar. Unfortunately, it offers very little in the way of nutrition. Tests on lab animals have found that fast food can have a negative impact in a short amount of time.

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In the popular documentary, “Super Size Me,” Morgan Spurlock eats all of his meals from McDonald’s for a full month. He also challenges himself to eat each item on the menu. At the end of the film, Mr. Spurlock has suffered many adverse changes to his health.

British writer Phoebe Jackson-Edwards set out on an abbreviated version of Mr. Spurlock’s experiment and ate only junk for one week. The beautiful 24-year-old ate from a variety of fast food restaurants for each meal and for snacks. She dined at popular restaurants such as Pizza Hut, KFC, and Burger King,and she detailed her experience for an article for Daily Mail Online. Phoebe went to a doctor both before and after the week of junk food to check her skin quality and her body fat content.


Ms. Jackson-Edwards noted that by day two, she was already tired of eating only junk food. At the end of the week, she reported that she felt exhausted most of the day and found it hard to concentrate at work. Fast food has a poor effect on the brain.


A recent study in Public Health Nutrition found that individuals who consume fast food on a regular basis are 51 percent more likely to suffer from clinical depression than those who eat healthier foods. In in 2009, a journal called “Nature” published a study that a diet heavy on junk food can impair learning. The study found that rats who were fed a steady fast-food diet had a great deal of difficulty in completing a maze they had already solved before beginning their fast food diets. Lelani Loubser, a nutritional therapist, states that junk food actually prevents the body from absorbing the nutrients in food that are needed for a normal energy level.


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At the end of only one week of fast food, doctors told Phoebe that she was losing water in her skin 27 percent faster and that her skin was producing much more oil than before the experiment began. Foods high in carbohydrates cause a spike in blood sugar levels, which trigger oil production in the skin. This can lead to acne and eczema. Phoebe was also unhappy to find out that her body fat had gone from 23 percent to 25 percent overall, and the fat content in her thighs had nearly doubled. She reported that her clothes felt tighter, and this is probably due to the high sodium content in fast food. High levels of salt can cause bloating. Over time, too much sodium in a person’s diet can lead to an enlarged heart and several types of cancer.


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Research shows that it doesn’t even take a week or a month of only eating fast food for the body to suffer from these effect. Research found in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology shows that fast food can affect an individual after only one meal. After you consume even one greasy burger and a container of fries, your blood sugar level spikes, your body tissues become inflamed, and your blood pressure rises significantly. The worst part is that a rise of blood sugar followed by a crash will actually make you crave more fast food immediately after eating.

It is not recommended that you eat junk food if you wish to keep your body healthy. These diets should not be attempted by anyone without being under the watchful eye of a healthcare professional.


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