Having an Active Love Life? – Beware of This Silent Killer

Having an Active Love Life? - Beware of This Silent Killer

Having an Active Love Life? – Beware of This Silent Killer

According to statistics, the most common way for HIV to be transmitted is through unprotected lovemaking. HIV can also be transmitted through infected needles, blood transmissions, infected syringes, or from a mother to a child during the birthing process.

While many people believe that they are free from this silent killer, as is their partner, it is important to get tested to ensure that this is true. There may be no way of knowing that you are infected with HIV without getting a test. It is also important to use protection while closeness with people who you may not know very well.

It is possible to get the HIV virus through needles, whether during drug use or while receiving a tattoo. It is important to go to reputable tattoo parlors if you are choosing to get a tattoo, and to avoid intravenous drugs altogether. Sharing needles with someone who you are unsure of their health history poses a health risk to yourself, which can ultimately lead to death.

There is no cure for HIV. However, people suffering from HIV are able to live long and healthy lives. It is important, however, to take treatment seriously and treat yourself correctly and as instructed, as HIV may turn into AIDS. AIDS is the acronym for acquired immune deficiency syndrome. It is also called advanced HIV, or alternatively, late-stage HIV. Because this is an immunosupressant disease, it can easily lead to other diseases that will further hurt your health. Once infected with HIV or AIDS, one has to be very careful of contracting other diseases that may ultimately lead to death if their bodies are not strong enough to fight off.

Someone with AIDS may develop a wide range of other health conditions including: pneumonia, fungal infections, and tuberculosis. There is also an increased risk of developing other life-limiting conditions, including cancer and brain illnesses.

It is very important to always be aware of your own health as well as the health of your partners and the people who you are close to. Take these precautions to protect yourself from silent killers and stop the spread of HIV.

Practicing unsafe encounters is not worth the risk of contracting this silent killer. Know the risks and the protections in order to keep yourself healthy.