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7 Signs Your Man Is Sleeping Around

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7 Signs Your Man Is Sleeping Around

7 Signs Your Man Is Sleeping Around

Life, in real life people get bored, break trust, cheat on partners, and shatter hearts, and since life is not a fairytale, it is of significant importance to maintain a realistic balance in your love life.


Whenever you notice negative changes in the reactions or actions of your partner, trying to get a little certainty about things does you no harm, which is not to say you should continually doubt your partner.

But as life has it, your partner might be secretly sleeping around while professing undying love to you.

If you have had a shaky relationship lately and your partner is acting bizarrely, keep an eye out for signs that they are cheating. You wouldn’t want to keep affording royalty treatment to your partner while they are seeing someone else. Listed below are signs that your partner is making love with someone else.

Continually working late

Needing to work late is arguably one of the oldest excuses, and if your partner starts working late and spending significantly more time at work without any notable increase in income, then something is definitely wrong.

Most individuals are either too polite or too shy to call up their partner’s boss to find out the truth, and this is what makes it such an ideal excuse. If you think your partner is not working late and is in fact cheating, call their bluff and find out from their boss.

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Less often initiation of closeness

If your partner either reduces or stops initiating lovemaking relations with you, they may be getting pleasure elsewhere. Having close relations earlier on with someone else can lead to individuals not wanting to with their steady partners. Declining physical relations is rarely just a sign of a declining relationship, but also a sign that your partner is cheating.

Taking too long to answer texts

It usually takes very little time to reply to a text, so if your partner takes forever to answer you back, there must be an excellent reason. Same applies for when your partner suddenly adds a secret lock to their phones. When two people trust each other, there is never need for secrets.

Taking a shower immediately they get home

You should be worried if your partner usually waited till nighttime to shower, but suddenly switch to showering immediately they get home, which usually indicates an attempt to wash off another person’s scent.

Test your partner; find out if he/she is open to hugging and kissing as soon as they walk through the door, or if they give reasons why they should not.

Pay extra attention to their looks

If your partner initially had zero issues with walking out the house dressed in a ripped pair of jeans or a stained shirt, you should be suspicious once they start paying more attention to their dress code and looks whenever they need to leave. If they start paying additional attention to grooming, they are most likely seeing someone else and are still in the honeymoon stage.

Random Gifts

Knowing if buying you random gifts is a sign of cheating is quite tricky, mainly because it can be out of either guilt or love, and you will have to think about their recent behavior to correctly figure out which one is your case.

You will not want to accuse a loving and faithful partner of cheating simply because you are unaccustomed to favorable or kind treatment, but your partner might be buying you random gifts to cover the fact that they are sleeping with someone else and the guilt that accompanies their actions.

New moves in bed

Does your partner behave the same as always whenever you get close? If they suddenly put you in new positions or start kissing differently, you might want to find out where they got all that. As much as there is the possibility they learned it from research articles over the internet or a friend, just to impress you, there is always the possibility that someone else with whom they had love relations with is the source of the new techniques.

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