Why Are Black Men Afraid to Approach Black Women?

Why Are Black Men Afraid to Approach Black Women?

Why Are Black Men Afraid to Approach Black Women?

4. Black Women are More Inhibited in Relationships

Some black men have a pervasive idea that because many black women are brought up to act in a more repressed manner, they will be repressed in intimate situations as well. This notion leads many African-American men to feel as if they cannot be spontaneous with an African-American woman.

5. Black Women are Driven

Some black men report that black women seem to be too driven and intense when it comes to career goals. African-American women are, on the whole, very hardworking. This is for good reason- research shows that African-American workers are scrutinized more carefully by managers and supervisors than workers of other races. The National Bureau of Economic Research reports that such scrutiny makes African-American women more prone to unemployment and job loss than women of other races.

6. Black Women’s Intentions are Misunderstood

Men report more often that they can misconstrue a woman’s intentions. Some men believe that just because a woman speaks to them, they may be looking for a relationship. This is the case with any ethnicity. Pearl Cleage, author of “Deals With the Devil: And Other Reasons to Riot,” writes that sexism such as this is often not recognized in the black community.

7. Black Women Pressure Black Men to Marry

Some men believe that black women put too much pressure on black men to get married. There is ample reasoning for a black woman to want to marry. The 2009 Census Bureau reported that 70.5 percent of black women between the ages of 25 and 29 were unmarried. Research often shows that African-American women with college degrees have significant trouble in finding a man of a similar background to marry.