Why Are Black Men Afraid to Approach Black Women?

Why Are Black Men Afraid to Approach Black Women?

Why Are Black Men Afraid to Approach Black Women?

Dating is difficult. Perhaps the most difficult part about it is approaching someone you are attracted to and starting up a conversation. Fear of rejection can stifle relationships before they even begin. From the male perspective, some black men believe that black women are not as approachable as women from other races.

1. Black Women are All Business

Black men think that black women tend to focus on responsibilities before making time for relaxed activities. Researchers at the National Alliance for Mental Illness note that suppressing emotions is a survival technique that has been handed down to African-American women for generations. This may be where the idea that black women seem less fun-loving than women from other races.

2. Black Women Don’t Want to be Bothered

Black men have noted that they do not approach black women in public because these women appear to be more focused on the task at hand and what the day holds than meeting people. Esney M. Sharpe is the founder and CEO of the Bessie Mae Women’s Health Center, and she explains that an attempt to look strong in all situations comes from the days of slavery. She explains that black women are told to be their best and focus on each day, even if that means taking less time to meet new people.

3. Black Women Seem Unsupportive

Matthew Lynch writes in his opinion piece, “The Top Ten Reasons Why It’s Hard to Date a Black Woman” that he conducted an informal survey of five black men asking why dating a black woman may be perceived as difficult by some black men. The top ten reasons included that black men perceive that black women make them feel unappreciated, are too aggressive, and no longer take notice of the struggles a black man faces in a white-run America.

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