See Her Result After Washing the Face With Java Coffee For a Week

See Her Result After Washing the Face With Java Coffee For a Week

See Her Result After Washing the Face With Java Coffee For a Week

After using the wash for just a day, she found that she enjoyed the coffee face wash as it gave her a fresh, awake feeling upon washing it. It also seemed to effectively tighten her pores. However, by the end of the day, her skin appeared oilier than normal, and she also experienced some redness.


Following use on Day 2, she noticed additional redness that had spread beyond just her nose and t-zone into her cheeks. The coffee scrub still delivered the “awakening” effect, but it wasn’t really seeming very promising as an effective cleanser.


On Day 3, she started experiencing additional drawbacks of the wash. It appeared as if her freckles were darkening even though she still used sunscreen as normal and hadn’t spent any additional time outside. The redness was also still present, and she noticed a breakout forming above her eyebrow.


On Day 4, she noticed additional negative impacts of the coffee cleanser. Her face continued to get redder, and she noticed additional bumps on her skin. Likewise, the breakout from the previous day didn’t seem to be healing as quickly as her typical breakouts do.


By day 5, it appeared as if her skin may be “adjusting” to the coffee as it wasn’t as oily or irritated. However, her under-eye circles appeared darker, and lack of sleep nor allergies were to blame.


A resurgence of the negative effects of the cleanser appeared on Day 6. Increased redness, bumpiness, and oiliness all came back in full force.


On the last day of the test, it was clear that the coffee scrub was no “miracle cleanser.” In fact, it appeared to cause more harm than good.


While the benefits of caffeine and even the grainy texture of coffee seem to indicate that a little java would be an effective skincare option, it’s apparently not for everyone. While it is pretty inexpensive to make this facial treatment and may provide individuals with different skin types more positive results, clearly for those with sensitive skin or even already oil-prone skin, it’s probably best to opt out of this Pinterest-phenomenon. Clearly, it’s important to not just blindly believe any recipe on the internet.

Consider the info on the supposed benefits of coffee in skincare and decide for yourself if it should be a part of your routine.