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The Exact Time of Day When Most Couples Have Their Bedroom Happy Hour

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The Exact Time of Day When Most Couples Have Their Bedroom Happy Hour

The Exact Time of Day When Most Couples Have Their Bedroom Happy Hour

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Here’s a bit of a challenge. At what time during the day, week and year do most couples make love?
Perhaps you’ve never wondered about that, but researchers have, possibly in the interest of fairness. Animals like birds and cattle routinely perform activities in sync, so it can’t be too surprising if humans do the same. Therefore, the question has some leg!timacy.


Given so many factors pertaining to our busy lives, it’s a wonder some of us take time to make love at all!
In fact, humans are engaged in a constant pull-me, push-me between desire and opportunity. There seems to be quite a gap between hormonal arousal and timing of !ntercourse. Most of us really desire lovemaking at 4:33 P.M., reports the Daily Mail, but few of us are requesting or getting any at Happy Hour.

I’m going to drop a hint here. Monday is a very unpopular day to engage in lovemaking, no matter the time. Closeness on Monday could improve Monday all around, but it seems few of us have thought this through, or maybe none of us are up for any kind of joy on a Monday. Statistics compiled by Illicit Encounters state that only one percent of Brits want to make love on Monday, and ditto for Americans. Instead, Monday is prime time for investment in love toys, perhaps to add a ray of hope to an otherwise unpleasant day.

Twenty-five percent of us are most aroused upon waking. In fact, this is the time when male testosterone peaks. Need I spell out the inconvenience this may entail? Only 10 percent of us wish to take the chance and beat the workday clock.

As it happens, in spite of hormonal promptings to the contrary, the favored love day is Saturday, followed by Sunday and then Friday evening. Naturally, the weekend presents the best opportunity time-wise, and Friday may come in as simply celebration for the end of a long work week.

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Saturday evenings at 7:37 P.M. seem to me the perfect time for Chinese takeout and Seinfeld reruns, but it appears many crave a little more action than that. Saturday evening lovemaking is most likely to occur at precisely 7:37 P.M. for 44 percent of couples.

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And that’s not all!
Lovemaking is seasonal, as well. Yes, two-thirds of us feel hotter in summer, followed by its opposite season, winter, garnering 16 percent favorability.

To be honest, most of us have little time for spontaneous closeness, but we wish we had. Sixty-two percent of couples arrange ‘date nights’ for themselves as a scheduled alternative. ‘Date nights’ might be the perfect way to discard that ‘I’m too tired feeling’, and step into some fun and excitement that may even seem spontaneous!

Most of us would agree that regular lovemaking is conducive to a greater personal relationship with a loved one. Research proves this, too. People who have regular love relations remain healthy and young longer.
No matter the timing, happy couples make lovemaking a necessary ingredient for horizontal tango.


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