4 Ways to Blow His Mind in Bed

4 Ways to Blow His Mind in Bed

4 Ways to Blow His Mind in Bed

If aliens landed here on Earth and wanted to study how the indigenous species (that is, us) connected, they might naturally assume they should consult our television and our magazines for information. But so often popular culture shows just one side of romantic relationships. Whatever is most eye-catching or ear-popping, that is what gets news coverage. The truth is, most couples want something much simpler than the magazine headlines might suggest.


What We All Want in Relationships
What most of us want out of our relationships is this: connection. We want to trust and be trusted, know and be known. We want to feel safe and loved, and be permitted to offer the same in return.

In other words, we don’t need a 21-gun salute or popping firecrackers overhead to make our private moments special. We need each other, a little understanding and a willingness to open up to each other.

4 Ways to Kindle the Fire in Private
This holds true whether we are sharing with one another about our day, cooking dinner together, watching a flick or taking a vacation together. And it most certainly holds true in our most intimate moments.

For this reason, the top 4 ways couples cite to have the most enjoyable private time together are each remarkably simple!

1. Remember, YOU are the main event.
The first thing to remember in your intimate moments with your partner is this: you are each other’s main event. The more you are willing to show, to tell, to see and be seen, the closer you will feel to each other.

It is that closeness that really cements your bond and keeps it strong through all of life’s other ups and downs and times you have to spend apart.

2. Use your words.
In years past, couples tended to automatically assume that if their partner “really loved them,” the other person would “just know” what they wanted and needed. Today, psychologists and relationship counselors know that nothing could be further from the truth.