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This is What Happens if You Don’t Change Your Underwear Every Day

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This is What Happens if You Don’t Change Your Underwear Every Day

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We should hope that everybody changes their underwear each and every day. From the child who plays hard all day to the working women; having clean underwear is essential. Because we live in the real world, we know that there are those times when it is easier to wear the same pair as yesterday. If people were to really be honest with themselves, it has happened to everyone at least once. Did you know that you can cause health problems to yourself if you do not change your underwear often enough?


Why Changing Underwear Is Essential?

Bacteria harbors on those panties. From the front to the back, there is plenty of bacterium that can live in that moist environment. Additionally, it can cause irritation if nothing else. If you are one the fence about whether you should change your underwear every day or not, here are some things that putrid panties can cause.

1. Excessive Scratching

Remember that bacteria that lingers on the underwear. Well, those bacteria can transfer to the skin. It will irritate the area and cause all sorts of itching. Some say that when you change your underwear too often it is unhygienic and kills beautiful aromas; however, there are other problems to consider. The gen!tal areas are prone to excessive bacteria anyway, so why would you want to tempt the waters and encourage the breeding of dangerous spores?

2. Rashes and Major Irritation

If you have an itchy bum from scratching, you are going to cause intense irritation and possibly sores. Dirty material has the ability to chafe the skin. The visible protrusions may look like a heat rash at first, but it can turn into open lesions if let go. Since this area does not get a lot of air, healing is often a slow process. They can be treated, but it is something that can be avoided just by changing your underwear.

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3. Offensive Strong Odors

Chances are if you do not change your underwear you probably have not had a shower either. Once in a while, it is okay to skip changing your panties, but you may notice a foul odor coming from the nether regions. The bacteria, chaffing, and all the dirty materials can make quite a smell. Your genitals need to have plenty of fresh air to stay healthy. Your flora may smell like a stinkweed if it is not properly cleansed and you wear clean underwear.

4. Major Infections Can Develop

If you exercise or do a lot of sweating, it will cause an excessive of moisture. Moist environments are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Obnoxious infections often start by moisture and not changing your underwear can just add to the issues. You have probably heard it said that cotton panties are best. Nylon and lace are another risk factor for infections.

5. The Risk of a UTI

A urinary tract infection is one of the worst problems a woman can deal with. They burning sensation when you urinate is unbearable at times. Anytime bacteria can make its way into the vaginal cavity and up into the bladder area, it can cause an infection. A UTI that is not treated prompt will turn into a kidney infection. Wearing day old panties is a huge risk factor in UTI infections.

A Change Would Do You Good

So how often should you change your underwear? Well, according to many studies, changing the underwear at least once per day is advisable. If you exercise on a regular basis, you should change additionally each time you sweat. So if you work out daily, you may need to change your underwear two times per day. The goal is to be clean and fresh all day long. It will be more comfortable for you and those around you. Plus, you will be able to ensure that you prevent UTI and other infections. For more on these topics click the links below.

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