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Do THIS After Popping a Zit and Your Skin Wouldn’t Look Worse

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Do THIS After Popping a Zit and Your Skin Wouldn’t Look Worse

Do THIS After Popping a Zit and Your Skin Wouldn’t Look Worse

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We all know that popping a pimple supposedly makes it worse, but sometimes it is impossible to avoid popping a pimple. The reason that you are supposed to avoid popping a pimple is because breaking the surface of the skin can allow more bacteria into the pimple or push bacteria deeper into the skin. According to dermatologist Rebecca Kazin of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery, if you absolutely must pop a zit, you can follow these rules to avoid making the entire situation worse.

Do THIS After Popping a Zit and Your Skin Wouldn't Look Worse

Use an Acne Cover
Before we start going over all the ways to fix the situation after a pimple has been popped, it is important to emphasize that the best solution for a pimple is really just to avoid popping it. A zit will heal naturally without being interfered with, and the skin around the zit is less likely to get infected or break out when you leave a zit alone. One of the best ways to avoid popping temptations is to use an acne cover, such as the Nexcare Acne Absorbing Cover. This handy little bandage contains products to heal the zit, and it also helps you to keep your hands off of the blemish.

Leave It Alone
Though you probably haven’t followed this advice in the first place, it is still a useful tip after the pimple is popped. Continuing to poke and push on it after everything is out of the pimple will just increase the swelling. It may also break up the skin even more, which would raise your risks of a scar in the area.

Wash Your Hands
Whether or not the zit has already been popped yet, you should not touch the area with dirty hands that could put more bacteria in the area. After touching a popped pimple, you should also wash your hands thoroughly, to avoid getting the bacteria anywhere around your face. In order to thoroughly wash your hands, you should scrub your hands with warm, soapy water for at least twenty seconds.

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Use Antibiotic Ointment
A pimple may not look like a typical wound, but treating it with traditional wound care techniques will ensure that it heals quickly. At night, apply a very small amount of antibiotic ointment, such as Neosporin, to prevent any infections that would worsen the entire situation. During the day, do not put ointment on it, and if possible, let the area breathe without covering it up because the body needs oxygen to repair broken skin. With these tips, you can keep the area from healing slowly.

Be Cautious With Concealer
You can still use your trusty concealer and foundation to hide a popped pimple, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Though healing time will be slightly faster if you avoid any makeup, it will not be extremely problematic as long as any makeup is washed off at night. When applying makeup, use a disposable sponge or applicator that is thrown away after it touches your pimple. This will keep you from putting any bacteria back into your tube of concealer or foundation.

NEVER Pick the Scab
The primary reason that popped pimples often result in scars is because people pick the scab. It is important to leave the original scab on until it falls off naturally. The skin underneath the scab is hurrying to regenerate, and each time a scab is pulled off, the healing process is set back. Any scabs that form after the original scab do not set as firmly, which means that the tender, healing skin underneath the scab is not as thoroughly protected as it should be. No matter how tempting it is to pick a scab, it must be left alone while your skin repairs itself.

All of these tips can help your face to heal quickly. Though it is true that your skin will be blemish-free quicker if you never popped the pimple in the first place, a popped zit does not have to lead to an ugly scab or a nasty scar. By keeping the area clean and not poking it too much, you can help the popped zit to go away as soon as possible.

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