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He Spent 5 Years to Express His Love Through Love Illustrations… It’s SO Sweet!

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He Spent 5 Years to Express His Love Through Love Illustrations... It's SO Sweet!

He Spent 5 Years to Express His Love Through Love Illustrations… It’s SO Sweet!

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Love is timeless. It’s first dates and flowers, rings and dresses, baby bibs and graduations. Love is the little moments in life that make you smile and the tougher times that hold you together. And, for Andrew Hou, love is illustrations.




When Andrew met his now-wife, Kate, they spoke completely different languages. He was from Seoul and spoke Chinese. She was Korean. He cared for her and longed to express his feelings, but had trouble finding the right words. So he tried something different. He drew her pictures while he was at work.

Through simple pictures, Andrew found a way to use everyday life to tell Kate how much she meant to him. One of the pictures, an image of cartoon Kate brushing her teeth while cartoon Andrew looks on, carries the caption “Sometimes I can stand there looking at you while you have no clue what’s wrong with me.” These classic illustrations of daily living speak to a much deeper desire to be loved and to love in return.


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Andrew’s images run the gamut, from sharing a meal to laying in the grass to reading books to growing old together. Small moments in time, captured on paper in little drawings, tell a larger tale of love as it blossoms and grows throughout the years. What started as little picture messages through text became a viral blog where Andrew has been able to declare his love to Kate in front of the entire world and share those little moments that everyone holds dear. With now hundreds of hand-drawn images, the tag of Andrew’s blog, Little Pictures of Love and Happiness, tell a deeper story. He doesn’t just share the good times. There are bad times as well, and he illustrates those, too, because as we all know, love isn’t just the fun stuff. Sometimes it hurts, and it’s how you handle that pain that will determine where your relationship leads.

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