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8 Reasons Why Women Cheat on Their Husbands and Boyfriends

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8 Reasons Why Women Cheat on Their Husbands and Boyfriends

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8 Reasons Why Women Cheat on Their Husbands and Boyfriends

Currently, it’s still more common for discussions to revolve around men cheating instead of women. However, women who cheat are nearly as numerous as their male counterparts. Both genders usually have different reasons for cheating, and they’re unique to each individual. Take a close look at the top reasons why women cheat as reported by WebMD and Live Science. Psychology and human nature are at play when attraction begins with a new lover.


• New-Partner Chemistry

You may remember that initial sensation that you felt when you met your loved one. Butterflies in your stomach and excitement seems to fill each day as dating begins. However, this new-partner sensation can’t last forever. The relationship will eventually settle down. Some women cheat because this sensation is necessary in their life. They may not want to leave their husband or boyfriend, but they want that electric sensation that occurs when you’re first dating a person.

• Boredom With Current Partner

Your relationship may be near its 10-year anniversary, but you’re cheating on him after all of these years. A common cheating reason among women is simply boredom. Their partner may be busy at work, and the love life in the bedroom isn’t what it used to be. Women will seek out another lover in order to quench their boredom while staying committed to their partner.

• Lack of Emotional Support

Cheating often occurs because of emotional-support issues. The woman’s partner may not be comfortable with discussing personal feelings. As a result, the woman feels deprived of any emotional contact. She resorts to cheating in order to quench the emotional deprivation. An affair may not be physical at first either. The woman might have an emotional affair by discussing personal feelings with the other person. These relationships will often escalate into a traditional, physical affair.

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• Revenge Relationships

In some cases, women might feel like they deserve to cheat because they believe or know their partner is guilty of this betrayal.

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These women will actively seek revenge by forming a relationship with another partner. The revenge act is meant to get a rise out of the husband or boyfriend, but it also serves another purpose. It might give the woman a feeling of closure about the betrayal. Now that both people are equal in their affairs, the partners can work on repairing the damage.

• $exual Addiction

Although it may be rare, some women do have $exual addictions. It doesn’t matter if the issue has been diagnosed or not. These women will struggle with this addiction for the rest of their lives. Similar to an alcoholic relapsing into drinking, it’s possible for women to resort to cheating when they’re addicted to the act itself. It takes a strong partner to work through this cheating scenario.

• Lack of Physical Contact

Women who cheat may also have a craving for physical contact. A husband of 20 years may be busy with work and other interests. He may not be at home, and when he is, the lack of physical contact is palpable for the woman. She responds by looking for comfort in another man’s arms. It’s possible for this affair to be terminated if the partner changes his ways and willingly offers the physical contact.

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• Unhappy With Overall Relationship

Studies have also shown that women cheat when they’re just overwhelmed with an unhappy relationship. This vague description can include a combination of issues, such as verbal fights, miscommunication, rude comments, lack of respect and poor parenting. A woman might feel obliged to remain in the relationship because of family commitments, but she still seeks pleasure in secret ways. This reason for cheating is one of the most commonly cited on psychological evaluations.

• The Primitive Side to Cheating

Scientists suggest that there might be an evolutionary reason for cheating. Men may try to diversify their progeny by cheating, but women might look for other mates to support them if their original partner doesn’t fit the bill. Women may have children with multiple men in order to have strong genetics in their background. This primitive side might encourage women at a biological level to cheat too.

Everyone reacts to cheating in different ways after the act occurs. A woman might cheat once and hide it away in her mind. Alternatively, she may continue the affair without any guilt. Some women confess their actions to their loved one. Regardless of the outcome, cheating ultimately hurts both parties in a relationship. Before temptation gets the best of you, consider your loved one’s feelings and what can happen to the relationship in the future.

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