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How To Detoxify Your Body

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How To Detoxify Your Body

[Last Update: 25 October 2012]
Detoxification simply means cleaning your body. In this diagram you can find simple ways to detox your body. The only issue we have with this detox program is MEAT! It’s better to have less amount of meat when you’re in detox and eat plenty of fiber, veggies and fruits. Also cleanse your liver by eating herbs such as dandelion root and burdock, and drinking unsweetened green tea.
Some other good suggestions are as following:

  • Breath deeply to exhale carbone dioxide through your lungs.
  • Reduce your stress and think positively.
  • Exercise more often, and yoga is amazing too!
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Prepare fresh juices and smoothies..They have tons of natural nutrients; but also have the raw fruits, since they contain fiber.

Remember the main ingredient of success is consistency!

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