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How to Use Spoon for Better Facial Skin

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How to Use Spoon for Better Facial Skin

How to Use Spoon for Better Facial Skin

If you are looking for a simple, cheap way to bring health and vitality to your face, then consider doing a spoon massage that will have your skin looking beautiful. A spoon massage is used to keep your skin firm and detoxified, and has even been said to make your face appear slimmer afterwards.

How to Use Spoon for Better Facial Skin

For the massage, make certain that you use a ceramic or porcelain spoon, as using a plastic or metal spoon have sharper edges, and can damage your skin rather than revitalize it. The entire massage takes less than 10 minutes (don’t go longer than that, or you will risk over-stimulation to your face). It is best done at night, because your skin may be temporarily red after the massage, but don’t worry, it will quickly fade.

Begin by rubbing an all-natural skin-friendly oil on your face to reduce friction from the spoon. You can use grape seed oil, jojoba oil, argan or coconut oil, as these are all skin friendly and will prevent breakouts. Begin by massaging your forehead with the spoon’s ladle facing inward, using gentle strokes and going from bottom to top (always go this direction). Slowly work your way outward from the center, and then back to the middle again.

Next, use the spoon to scoop your eyebrows, following the natural curve of the brow. You can use the end of the spoon to massage from the inner corner to the outer corner of your lower eyelid, but make sure you do so very gently to prevent damaging your eye, and as with the forehead, do so in an upward motion. Next, move to your cheeks, scooping gently upwards with the spoon until you have covered both cheeks entirely. Use the spoon’s end to massage your nose and mouth area.

Next, use the side of the spoon to massage your jaw line in an upward motion. After every up stroke, gently roll the spoon down your neck and over your lymph nodes, which will release fluid and toxin buildup in your neck area. Finish the massage by scooping from above the collarbones to the center of your chest, draining excess toxins and fluids.

Massages have been scientifically proven to improve your skin’s health, while making it positively glow. This spoon massage will make your facial skin look younger, giving you an increased sense of energy and confidence.

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