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What Personality Type Turns You On?

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What Personality Type Turns You On?

What Personality Type Turns You On?

Understanding your personality type and that of your partner makes it easier for you to enter a relationship and stay in it. Personality types form the core of any relationship and can make you communicate with and understand each other better. These types are based on Myers-Briggs personality typing.

Personality Types

Here are the major types of personality types:


Extroverts focus on the external world and other people. Such a personality is energized by stimulating and interacting with others. On the other hand, introverts focus on their internal world and delve into their thoughts and ideas to make decisions.

What Personality Type Turns You On


Sensors gather information in a detailed and concise manner. They base on facts and are always practical the way they handle issues. Intuitives are more abstract and base their decisions on thoughts, possibilities and connection.


Thinkers base their decisions on facts and data collected over time. Feelers, on the other hand, make decisions based on values and harmonious relationships.

Judgers/ perceivers

Judgers prefer to have a well-defined structure that they follow. They have schedules and plans. Perceivers will prefer to keep their options wide open. They always go for spontaneity and a flexible existence.

Should You go for the Opposite or a Similar Personality?

People are usually attracted to their opposites. This is especially true for introverts/extroverts and judgers/perceivers. Such relationships are exciting to say the least. Many people in such relationships are looking for some form of completion by being in a relationship with someone who has what they are missing.

Being in a relationship with an opposite provides a relationship that is more rounded and functional. This is because the two of you complement each other. You will face the areas of your life that are difficult.

However, two opposites in a relationship will have significant issues with communication. This is because you won’t be communicating on the same level.

People with similar personality types are attracted to each other because they have similar focus in their lives. These types are usually the happiest and last longer in their relationships. For instance, sensors are known to communicate better with other sensors. Intuitives also handle relationships better with other intuitives.

Similar personality types communicate at the same level and will find it easier to solve problems that arise in the relationships. They also understand each other better as compared to opposites.

Final Thoughts

Personality types allow two people to grow naturally into their relationships. Understanding these types make it easier for you to know why certain people behave the way they do. Go ahead, find the personality type of your partner, and know why certain things happen.

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