8 Ways You’d Never Expect to Use a Condom

8 Ways You’d Never Expect to Use a Condom

Because of their size, shape and elasticity, condoms can be used in a number of ways beyond their intended purpose. You can cut them, fill them, tie them and use them for several situations in and out of the home.

Cold Compress


If you have sore muscles, a sprained ankle or any similar injury, you can use a condom as a cold compress. Fill a condom with 3 parts water to 1 part isopropyl alcohol, and tie it at the end before placing it in the freezer. The water and alcohol will provide a cold pack that is moveable and able to shape to your body instead of just a frozen block of ice.

Water Pack


Aside from their role in preventing the spread of infection, condoms can actually save your life. For adventurists, hikers, campers and other outdoors types, they can be used as emergency water pouches if you find yourself in dire need. Condoms are extremely elastic, so they can hold large volumes of water. Because of their thin design, they should be reinforced with a thick sock to prevent accidental puncturing or surface abrasion. Place the condom into a sock, then carefully fill it with water.

Bandage Cover


Because of the elastic nature of condoms, they can be used to stay in place around limbs. If you have a bandaged wound on the arm or leg, you can slide a condom over it to protect it from getting wet in the shower. Cut the end of the condom off, and stretch it over your arm or leg to cover the bandage.



If you like to cook with minced or ground meat, keeping it intact can sometimes be a problem. You can solve this by placing the meat inside a condom. You can thoroughly cook your meatloaf inside by poaching it on a low temperature. Make sure the temperature of the water does not exceed 100ºF (38ºC). Using a non-lubricated condom, unroll it and stuff it with your preferred meats, spices, vegetables or other items. Bring an adequately-sized pot of water to a boil, then lower the heat to a safe temperature. Cook the meat until thoroughly done, and remove it. Allow it to cool slightly, and wear gloves if necessary before removing the meat from the condom.

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