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Adventures in Low-Carb Living Day 1

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Adventures in Low-Carb Living Day 1

First of all just let me say I am hungry! I put my daily intake into my online food tracker and I am at around 900 calories, no wonder I’m hungry! I also have 30 grams of carbohydrates already today, I have no idea how that happened, so I have no idea if I can eat, and if I can, what? I was okay most of the day, but I think my supper was too small, was hungry still when I was done. I am also very tired, still recovering from my trip to South Dakota, and fighting hard to not get whatever my daughter, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter have!


I started off well, had breakfast of 2 eggs with onions and peppers with some salsa and was full for a few hours. For lunch 2 cups of mixed greens, a small scoop of cottage cheese, 2 ounces baked chicken breast, onions & peppers thrown on top, and a little Ranch and salsa for dressing. I had 12 raw almonds for a snack, then a meatless meat patty and beets for supper, lots of water all day of course.

Maybe it’s because its my first day, am still learning and I may have done it wrong. I intended to have baked fish and steamed vegetables, but my daughter is not feeling well and I didn’t want to get too fancy for just me. I am trying low-carb for a while to see if it helps kick my sluggish hormones into gear and increases my energy. Some weight loss would be great too, but am used to being unable to lose weight so it would not surprise me if I don’t. This was a late decision after I had shopped, will have to make do for now.

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My mom eats a low-carb diet to manage her diabetes and it works very well for her. I have had people tell me for years that it changed their life, and I know, more than most people, how much food values have changed in the last 50 years. I have weird diseases as well, gluten intolerance can be a symptom of many illnesses, and an illness itself. I never wanted to do it because I don’t like any plan that requires you to give up any food group, and because I really like some foods that will be very limited… sweet potatoes, potatoes, brown rice, fruit, yogurt, beans, pizza, ice cream… lol there speaks the hungry girl!

I decided to try it now because I saw an article on a plan called Carb Nite, you eat low-carb for 4-5 days, then that night you can go crazy, eat all the things you were missing, then back to the plan. I decided to document my personal findings because its a good way to evaluate what I have learned, if anything changes, and because it may help some of you to make decisions either way. Before we go any further, I decided a snack would be needed or I would be too hungry to sleep. I don’t eat anything sugar-free so I decided on an ounce of lean meat and an ounce of cheese, seems to have filled the hole at any rate!

Normally I would like to document daily exercise as well, today was an off day besides the basic stretching I do every day. So that’s it, if I haven’t bored you tune in tomorrow for more low-carb fun!

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