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Get Your Dry Eye Relief The Natural Way

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Get Your Dry Eye Relief The Natural Way

Get Your Dry Eye Relief The Natural Way

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Everyone experiences eye dryness at one time or another. Windy weather can whisk away lubricating tears or time in front of a computer screen (when people do not blink often enough) prevents moisture from bathing the eye. However, dryness has a number of other causes.

Dry Eye Relief The Natural Way

• An insufficient quantity of tears is often a byproduct of growing older or using certain medications, such as those which treat high blood pressure, allergies, and depression.
• A number of medical conditions are also culprits. Sjogren’s syndrome (an autoimmune disorder characterized by dry eyes, weakness, and joint pain), diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disorders, and blepharitis (inflammation of the eyes’ surface) contribute to the condition.
• Since tears consist of three components, a layer of water sandwiched between an oily layer that keeps the water from evaporating and a mucus layer that ensures that tears spread evenly, an insufficiency of any of them can bring on dryness.
• Women experience dry eyes more than men, primarily due to fluctuations in hormone levels caused by pregnancy, oral contraception use, and menopause.
• Extended use of contact lenses and refractive eye surgery like LASIK can lessen tear production.

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Treating ocular dryness is vital. Corneal scarring and ulceration can result from untreated dry eyes as can vision loss. For some affected individuals, driving, reading, and taking part in other activities that require eyesight become a major challenge. (One sufferer had difficulty with the eye exam when she renewed her driver’s license.)

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Happily, people do not have to live with the gritty feeling, discomfort, and even visual effects that are hallmarks of the condition. Over-the-counter and prescription drops and gels provide immediate and long-lasting relief. However, they have a downside: many contain preservatives and other ingredients that can be detrimental to eye health.

Fortunately, there are drug-free treatments that relieve dry eyes. Here are five tried-and-true natural remedies.

• Omega 3 Fatty Acids. A study out of Harvard University found that consumption of foods containing this vital substance provides protection in women. Adding salmon, tuna, and walnuts to the menu is an easy and tasty way to keep eyes lubricated.
• Flaxseed Oil. Apply it around the eyes before speedy relief. Be careful not to get the oil in your eyes. Consume it for additional benefits.
• Fennel. Take dried fennel, boil it, and soak a cotton cloth in it. Place the cloth on your eyes. It only takes a few minutes to experience relief. Doing this regularly will keep eye dryness at bay.
• Chamomile Tea. Cotton balls soaked in cold chamomile tea and placed on your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes work wonders. Doing this three or four times a day will result in a noticeable lessening of dryness and irritation.
• Paprika. This red spice is loaded with anti-oxidant vitamin A. Using it in cooking will make dry eye symptoms a thing of the past.

Utilizing these readily available remedies will guarantee relief from dry eyes and prevent lifestyle-altering complications of the condition. Keeping these vital organs lubricated and protected is as easy as a trip to the supermarket.


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