Tone Your Gut With An Stability Ball (Exercise Ball)

Tone Your Gut With An Stability Ball (Exercise Ball)

Tone Your Gut With An Stability Ball (Exercise Ball)

The Stability Ball (Exercise Ball) is a great low cost exercise equipment that can help strengthen your core. Almost all of the gyms these days are using them as their popularity has grown during the past few years.

The Stability Ball has also become very popular in the office; whether it be a home office or your office at work, they have become an alternative to chairs. This style of sitting is called “Active Sitting”. By using the Stability Ball instead of a regular chair you will help improve your posture significantly.

The main challenge is trying to keep our stability while working out with this ball; by doing so we are engaging our core muscles in our Abs, Back, Pelvic floor and hips. These exercises will ultimately strengthen and improve our posture.

Not mentioning that it is allot of fun and challenging to do!

Listed below are 6 moves you can do to target the unwanted Gut area; and before you know it will be looking toned and amazing!

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