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10 Ways To Eventually Find The RIGHT Person

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10 Ways To Eventually Find The RIGHT Person

10 Ways To Eventually Find The RIGHT Person

The dating scene is just wearing you out, and you feel that you will never find that special someone to spend the rest of your life with. Maybe you have been going about meeting the man or woman of your dreams in the wrong way. Some tips to follow to shake up your old patterns and find that unique and special someone could include:


Break Your Mold
You have this picture in your mind of the perfect significant other. Your search has been going on for some time, and you haven’t even found an individual remotely like him or her. What you may have to do is to open yourself up to different types of people. Even though they may not appear to be what you are seeking, you may find a refreshing and interesting partner who is completely different than what you had envisioned. Be adventurous! Try something and someone new!

Put Yourself Out There
You are not going to meet anyone while sitting at home and brooding. Get yourself out into the general public and be friendly. Force yourself to speak to at least three attractive individuals while shopping for groceries. Go to bookstores, coffee shops, hardware stores, and fitness centers and try to strike up conversations. Join different clubs and attend special events that are on topics that you are interested in. Even if you don’t meet the person of your dreams, you may develop many friendships along the way.

Assess Yourself
Ask yourself if there is something that you are doing or not doing that is causing you to be terminally single. Do you walk around with a frown on your face all the time? Do you have difficulty accepting compliments? Do you come off as rude or sarcastic? There may be attributes that may have to be changed for you to be successful in the dating world, so take a long hard look at yourself and rectify the situation as soon as you can.

Be Ready
Always be prepared to meet people. Don’t go to the store in your old sweats or pajama bottoms. Don’t get your oil changed in raggedy jeans and torn tee shirt. Always make a point to be clean and well groomed everywhere you go. Act as if you are going to meet that special person every time you leave your house. You never know, it just might happen.

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Be Mysterious
And when you do meet interesting individuals, don’t spill your entire life story during your first interaction. Don’t talk about your ex, your money problems, your wayward children, or how you hate your job. Focus on the other person and ask them open-ended questions about their lifestyles and pastimes. They will think you are the best conversationalist in the world!

Ask Your Friends
You and your friends have a lot in common, so the best individuals to ask about assisting you in finding companionship could be these same people. They know and love you and could be very savvy as to what the perfect mate for you would be like. Even if they don’t know anyone, they can go with you to events and activities to provide support and advice.

Choose a Dating Site
It used to be that only the very desperate used dating sites to find potential mates, but now it has become a very common way to meet new and interesting people. Find one that suits you and begin your search. There could be someone on that site who is looking for a man or woman just like you. And don’t get discouraged if nothing happens right away. Take your time and meet new people in your area that share your interests and goals.

Volunteering for a charity can be a wonderful means of meeting new people and giving back to the world. Working together for a common cause can create bonds and friendships that will not be broken over time.

Skip the Bars and Clubs
It is fine to go out with friends and enjoy a cocktail or two, but don’t plan on meeting “the one” in this type of environment. Have fun, dance and flirt, but seek out other places to find that special person.

Be Patient
Know that it will happen and then relax and enjoy yourself. Constantly worrying about your future companionship will just keep it from happening. “A watched pot never boils” so go about your business and live life to the fullest.

Finding love in the modern age can be a real challenge. Don’t get discouraged as there is sure to be someone out there for everyone. Keep an open mind and an open heart, and this person will appear when you least expect it.

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