10 Signs You’re In The Right Relationship For Sure

5. You Respect Your Differences


There are some fundamental principles that couples should agree on before seriously committing to one another, but there are also plenty of other smaller things you are going to discover about your partner that you won’t agree with. Whether it’s music, political views or something else entirely, healthy couples respect one another’s opinions and don’t feel the need to share identical views on everything to be happy together.


6. You Fight Productively


Arguments are inevitable, but couples who are in the right relationship don’t name call, degrade or make their other partner feel like they’re less than them during a fight. At the end of an argument, you should be able to find a compromise that leaves you both happy – even if it’s agreeing to disagree.

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7. You Make Each Other Better


Your partner should encourage and inspire you to be your best. Not to change who you are, but to improve on all of your strong suits, pursue your passions and become the best version of you that you can possibly be.


8. You Have Similar Dreams for the Future


If one of you sees yourself in a penthouse and a CEO in 10 years while the other wants to have five kids in the countryside, it may not be a good idea to continue the relationship without having a serious discussion about the future. A couple who is right together will have their own personal long term goals but be very similar when it comes to the “big picture”.


9. You Mutually Share and Keep Secrets


A couple should be able to tell one another anything without having to worry about their confession making its way around their significant other’s family or social circle. Of course, things may come up the time to time between you and your best friend, but overall you should value your partner’s privacy as much as your own and respect them enough to keep it intact.


10. You’re Attracted to Them on More Than One Level


You can’t just like someone physically and expects a relationship to excel, but the same goes for people who may love their partner’s mind but don’t feel any sexual attraction to them. In order for a relationship to succeed, you must find your partner attractive on various levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.