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The Secret To Your Personality Is In THIS Finger

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The Secret To Your Personality Is In THIS Finger

The Secret To Your Personality Is In THIS Finger

Did you know that the length of your fourth finger is a dead ringer for your personality type? There are three primary hand configurations. Each one reveals specific character traits. Your second finger, or pointer, is the reference point. Your fourth finger may be:

A. longer than,
B. shorter than, or
C. the same length as your second finger.

Secret To Your Personality Is In THIS Finger


Finger-reading is scientifically-based. Researchers have studied a phenomenon termed “finger ratio.” This is the length of the index finger compared to the fourth finger. Technically, it’s termed the 2D:4D ratio. “D” represents “digit.” The numbers in the ratio reflect the second and fourth fingers. The ratio is calculated by dividing the index finger length by the ring finger length.

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Now, here’s an amazing finding. The 2D:4D ratio reveals how much you were exposed to male hormones while developing in your mother’s womb. This has a profound effect on your behavior. It indicates the masculinity of your brain and body. People with low 2D:4D ratios were exposed to more testosterone than those with higher ratios. This results in a dominance of male traits. So, the longer your ring finger, compared to your pointer, the stronger your male tendencies.


1. A Russian-based study measured the fingers of 1,500 men and women using digital calipers. They found significant differences in the women’s left hands. Those with long ring fingers were more confident, aggressive, and likely to take risks.

2. An Oxford University study found that the 2D:4D ratio reflects positive personality traits. Women with same-length pointers and ring fingers tend to be polite, agreeable, and attentive.

3. At McGill University in Canada, a 20-day study of 155 subjects was conducted. Participants completed a questionnaire regarding social interaction, checking off their typical behaviors. Those with small digit ratios reported more agreeable communication than people with large ratios.


Palmistry is the interpretation of a person’s character and future by examining their hand features. Here’s what each finger reflects:

  • thumb – drive to succeed
  • index finger – vision, authority, influence
  • middle finger – efficiency, wisdom, responsibility
  • ring finger – creativity, self-expression
  • pinkie – communication style


Referencing the pointer and ring finger, let’s hone in on your hand type. Hold your left hand in an open position, and scrutinize your digits.


Here’s an image of the Type A hand:

Type A

  • Finger Features

    – Your ring finger is longer than your pointer.

  • Personality

    – You’re absolutely charming, darling! You sparkle with confidence and aren’t afraid to take risks. A strategic thinker, you have a knack for problem-solving. You’re the ideal synergy of compassion and wit.

  • Career Niche – You shine as a CEO, salesperson, scientist, and engineer.
  • Perfect Pastimes

    – You excel at chess and crossword puzzles.


Here’s an illustration of the Type B hand:

Type B

  • Finger Features

    – Your pointer is longer than your ring finger.

  • Personality

    – You have a natural tendency to take charge of situations. Resourceful and diplomatic, you quickly surmount difficulty. You’re strongly opinionated and passionate about beliefs. Still, your extroverted personality is balanced with sensitivity. You seek adventure and are unstoppable in the pursuit of goals.

  • Career Niche

    – You’re destined for success as a journalist, performer, teacher, or lawyer.

  • Perfect Pastime

    – Writing comes easily to you.


Here’s a drawing of the Type C hand:

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TYpe C

  • Finger Features

    – Your ring and index fingers are the same length.

  • Personality

    – You’re emotionally balanced and organized. You avoid conflict and try to get along with everyone. A good listener, people know they can confide in you, and you’ll keep their secrets. You enjoy comforting others and making them feel appreciated. You’re happiest when helping people.

  • Career Niche

    – Your ideal profession is teacher, nurse, social worker, or psychotherapist.

  • Perfect Pastime

    – As an even-keeled collaborator, team sports suit you to a “T.”


Now you know the reasons why you’re:

  • A – charismatic and logical
  • B – confident and efficient
  • C – easygoing and empathetic


Use this handy knowledge to enhance your enjoyment of life. Appreciate your many strengths and virtues. Applaud the attributes your fingers reflect. You’re sure to regard your fingers differently now. The secret to success is in your hands!

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