Follow These 10 Rules For A Happy Second Marriage

Follow These 10 Rules For A Happy Second Marriage

Follow These 10 Rules For A Happy Second Marriage

6. Commit. Committing to one another is hard. You’ve already seen one failed marriage. You might be terrified that this one will end the same way. Commit to sticking it out. Divorce shouldn’t be a threat you use to solve an argument. In fact, it shouldn’t even be on the table. Instead, commit to keeping your marriage vows and sticking it out through the hard times.

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7. Leave the baggage behind. From the house purchased in your first marriage to the issues that came along with your marriage, try to leave your baggage out of your new marriage. Your new spouse is a completely different person, and they deserve to be treated like it!

8. Agree on religion. That’s not to say that you have to be highly religious though studies show a higher level of satisfaction in marriages where religion is a priority. Instead, make sure you agree on this and on the other “big stuff”-before you enter into marriage together. If you’re divided on the fundamental issues, it can be a lot harder to make things work!

9. Look for little ways to love each other. Marriage isn’t just in the grand gestures: the big, expensive gestures or the huge romantic moments. You’ll find the most satisfaction in one another when you embrace small opportunities to care for one another: starting your spouse’s coffee in the morning, bringing home a small memento that reminded you of them, or those little, loving rituals between couples that take on greater meaning over time.

10. Practice patience. Building a strong, committed marriage is hard enough when it’s just the two of you in the picture. It’s even harder when you come along with kids, exes, and baggage. Commit to being patient with one another and letting things work themselves out as you develop your marriage.

Making a marriage work is well worth the time, energy, and effort that goes into it. When you follow these principles, you’ll be able to watch your marriage grow and thrive. A healthy marriage will enhance your lives more than you ever thought possible.