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Use This Trick And NEVER Gain Weight Again!

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Use This Trick And NEVER Gain Weight Again!

Use This Trick And NEVER Gain Weight Again!

Losing weight, for most, is an exercise in futility. For Sarah, it was a particular challenge. She would traipse past the pastry chef’s window and all but lose her composure for the love of a brownie. The sweat would burrow up above her brow and she could feel herself as if easing into a diabetic coma with just the thought of biting into that brownie. Abating the cravings need not be a struggle. In fact, Sarah and all others can employ a simple down to earth solution for diminishing the urge and more easily than ever imagined.


UCLA researchers concluded, after comparing over 31 studies, that dieting simply does not work. In 95 percent of the weight loss efforts reviewed, all of the lost weight was regained. In many instances, more weight was gained back. However, individuals need not live their lives unable to lose the weight they desire. There is hope and there is a viable solution at hand.

Rather than make unnecessary purchases from dieting organizations and weight loss programs, a more effective solution is to consider how long it takes to exercise off the content of that double chocolate chip brownie; how long on the treadmill, on the elliptical, how long of a run or strenuous walk? The question that begs an answer is whether the trade-off is worth it. Is eating the brownie worth 95 minutes of semi-rigorous walking, 45-minutes of biking or 35 minutes of running? The duration also depends on your stature, age, and metabolism.

The amount of exercise needed to fully counter each selection on a restaurant menu has been found to be a more effective tool for customers for choosing the healthier choices. This was compared to restaurants with and without calorie counts provided for each menu item. People were able to make better eating choices when the specific amount of time needed to burn the calories, for example, by walking quickly was listed.

Recent federal legislation, in the Affordable Care Act (ACA), has required chain restaurants to now provide the calorie count for each item on the menu. Many restaurants have voluntarily provided this detail. The results have not born out the desired outcome, unfortunately. The purpose in providing this information was to deter individuals from consuming excessively caloric and unhealthy food choices.

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A Texas Christian University research study found that posting the amount of brisk walking required to burn the calories associated with each restaurant selection did indeed impact individual choice. These results were significant. Compared with those generated from either posting the calorie content alone or nothing at all.

The calorie count

Some have suggested that this is not a practical solution. Attempting to burn-off that brownie and other poor food choices that are highly caloric and full of fat is not reasonable. Heck, how many of us are actually going to take that 2-hour brisk walk? It might be raining or too cold. You may have a headache. More specifically, the calculations differ for each individual and it depends on too many factors, height, weight, body composition, BMI (body mass index), metabolism and how much you’ve already eaten that day.

The truth is that for most, and the Texas study has born this out, it is a deterrent. Rather than eating the 400 calorie brownie, consider sharing the brownie with your partner. That’s only 200 calories and certainly more manageable. Perhaps instead of the coveted brownie, a yogurt shake would be a better choice, and only 300 health-filled calories, with no fat or cholesterol and no guilt.


The idea of posting the amount of brisk walking required for each menu selection, though currently available only in select areas, so far, has been quite successful. It encourages consumers to think about their food choices and the physical and practical implications of what they eat. The calorie count, when listed, has not done that, according to study results. Next time you stop at your favorite eating establishment imagine the consequences for selecting poor choices, preferably without the guilt. Imagine a nice brisk walk for 1-hour, 2-hours, maybe 4-hours. It is ultimately your choice.

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