21 Truths About Depression No One Really Talks About

21 Truths About Depression No One Really Talks About

This topic makes people uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t. One in five Americans will be depressed at least once in their lifetime.


1. Depressed people do not cry constantly.

Depressed people don’t always appear sad and often keep intrusive thoughts to themselves.

2. Having “good” days doesn’t help.

Taking a depressed loved one on a trip will not cure their depression.

3. Failure is not the cause.

Failure is not the main cause of this illness. Many suffering from this illness may have inherited a genetic predisposition.

4. It changes perception.

This illness changes how the brain processes information.

5. It can cause extreme mental changes.

Severe depression can cause auditory and visual hallucinations.

6. Admitting to it is difficult.

Fear of being accused of “faking it” makes people anxious about admitting their feelings.

7. Being treated causes guilt.

Depressed people are not seeking attention. Bringing attention to themselves makes them feel selfish.