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Wanna Have Funnier Sex? These 10 Expert Tips Will Help You Get Started

Wanna Have Funnier Sex? These 10 Expert Tips Will Help You Get Started

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 It’s not easy for most of us to talk about intimacy, sex and the bedroom. Yet, you wonder how to keep things exciting. Many people like to read about amping up their love lives. They admit they enjoy their partner and have a great connection. However, they want more, like funnier sex. Human sexuality experts say it’s healthy to introduce new exotic (kinky) moves to the bedroom.

Wanna Have Funnier Sex? These 10 Expert Tips Will Help You Get Started

10 Expert Tips To Try:

1. Hello, Handcuffs.

Well, you don’t have to invest in a pair of handcuffs. The point is, however, to tie your partner up. You could use silk ties or pretty scarves. Sex educators call this light bondage.

Women, especially, seem to like the idea of being desired through restraint. 

2. Light Spanking.

One sex blogger recommends beginning with a light tap. You want to see how your partner responds. Studies show that one-quarter of Americans have this fantasy. They want to be spanked during sex.

3. Introduce Toys.

Some relationship experts advise bringing in a third party. Introduce a sexual toy or two. These gadgets look weirdly interesting. Props can add spice and laughter in bed for funnier sex.

You can use a sex toy on one partner or use it together. 

4. Sweet Treats.

Nothing says delicious and dreamy like introducing treats during sex. It’s playful and can be a blast.

For instance, try painting each other with liquid chocolate

5. Bedtime Stories.

Here’s another way to put a smile on your face. Some couples recommend reading out loud from an erotic novel. You could also watch steamy scenes from a naughty movie.

You could even make up your own sexy bedtime story. 

6. Fantasy Play.

Some couples enjoy pretending they are other people in positions of control. It’s called role playing. Some of the popular characters you can assume are a nurse to the patient or a teacher to the student.

7. Cancel Noise.

You’ve heard of blindfolds to create excitement. Why not try earplugs? The idea is to cancel out noise. It creates a submissive role for one partner. They watch your lips move. It can be a pleasurable game.

8. Friendly Competition.

You don’t have to play an entire game of Monopoly in bed. However, games can be sexy and fun. Play Scrabble or poker, for example. The winner receives a backrub or a sexual favor. You can create your own sensual rules.

9. Tickle Tease.

Tickling can be arousing for many couples. All it takes is a light touch from a prop like a feather, silk tie. Use gentle teasing sensations for buildable passion.

10. Create Code-Word.

When you and your partner want to engage in funnier sex, have a code-word. For example, “lobster roll” could be the code-word for let’s get kinky. That means you’re both on the same page.

Intimacy in the bedroom doesn’t have to be boring. You can spice it up with simple, little moves. Try our tips, and roll into bed laughing.

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