15 Questions Your Man Wouldn’t Ask You But He REALLY Wants To

15 Questions Your Man Wouldn’t Ask You But He REALLY Wants To

6. Does size actually matter?
Guys have huge egos, and they need to know if they’re egos are the biggest you’ve ever encountered. Your guy is dying to know the size of all your ex-boyfriend’s egos, but he’s too afraid of the answer.

7. Why do you love terrible movies?
Why had all the romcoms? Don’t you know that Colin Firth is going to get Bridgett Jones every time? Why do you need to watch it over and over when you know the ending? Don’t you know the acting is terrible? Where is the action?

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8. Why do you always worry about the strangest things?
You signed up for your kids’ bake sale, you wanted that job with the long hours and you had a meltdown that you wouldn’t be able to fit in your knitting class. Why do you stress out about stuff that doesn’t matter?

9. Why do you complain about your mother but then call her all the time?
When you’re not on the phone with your mother, you’re complaining about her to your guy. Why do you complain about her when all you want to do is talk to her? Are you a glutton for punishment?

10. Do you actually like my friends?
You’re cordial to your guy’s friends but don’t get their inside jokes. Your guy probably wants to know if you’re actually into them or if you’re just pretending. He’ll never ask you the truth because he’s too scared to know the truth.