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The Main Reason Your Butt Workouts Aren’t Working & What To Do About It

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The Main Reason Your Butt Workouts Aren’t Working & What To Do About It

The Main Reason Your Butt Workouts Aren’t Working & What To Do About It

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Have you been noticing a difference in the way your glutes not only look, but feel? Your lower back hurts without explanation and you find yourself with knee and hip or gluteal pain on a regular basis. Where did this come from? Why or how does this happen?

Butt Work Out

You May Be Suffering From…

Glute amnesia is an actual illness that can happen to cause pain in the hips, knees, and lower back. Simply put, glute amnesia is when your gluteus forgets to work properly, leading to some serious health problems if not taken care of. Just like any muscle that isn’t used often enough, your glutes can start to weaken, in turn affecting other parts of your body; namely, your joints. Glute amnesia is a top cause for serious hip issues, yet few people realize that glute amnesia can become a serious problem.

Take A Look At Your Lifestyle

Do you work long hours at a desk without little time left for exercise? Do you walk to nearby places to run errands or do you always jump into the car, even if you just need to go a block away? One of the biggest causes of glute amnesia is a lack of mobility. While its pretty funny to think of glute amnesia in simple terms such as that your butt has forgotten how to work, in the end, it is no laughing matter.

Glute amnesia can be a result of poor posture and/or a combination of a pelvic tilt. The gluteus is a more important muscle than many people realize and when it stops working, other body parts follow. What many people should think about is that your glutes are more than just a body part that can look nice; it has a major function in your life and movement and should be cared for and exercised as such.

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Do I Have It? Should I Take a Test?

After reading this, you may wonder if you have glute amnesia. You may sit at your desk for hours upon end or stand on your feet in one place for your job. If you feel pain on your joints and lower back, it may be time to get a test to find out if you have glute amnesia. There are remedies and exercises that can help you overcome it, but it is important to find out before the problem gets worse.

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How To Beat Glute Amnesia

The problem of glute amnesia most likely began with an inactive lifestyle. One of the best ways in correcting glute amnesia is to get active, but more specifically, by activating the gluteus muscles.

Doing squats can greatly help glute amnesia as it specifically activates the area. Also tightening your glutes while performing other activities or exercises can go far in helping your glutes regain their strength. Another way to fix your glute problem is by making changes in your lifestyle. Get up and walk around several times throughout the day if you have a desk job. Include an exercise routine in your daily life and make sure it includes a lot of gluteus movement.

In Conclusion

Glute amnesia may sound laughable, but if ignored can lead to problems with the hips and joints which are no fun to deal with. To make sure that you and your gluteus remain healthy, activate your lifestyle and exercise your glutes. Not only will your glutes start working properly again, which is important for other parts of your body, but you will also be getting your butt in shape. A fit butt and a healthy body will thank you.


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