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True Meaning Of Your Personality According To The Native American Zodiac

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True Meaning Of Your Personality According To The Native American Zodiac

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True Meaning Of Your Personality According To The Native American Zodiac

We all know about the signs of the zodiac. Even people who do not truly believe in horoscopes know which sun sign they were born under, if only just for fun. But there is another type of zodiac that has gained popularity these days, and that is the Native American zodiac. The Native American zodiac has existed for more than 500 years, offering wisdom for each of us based on the most revered animals in Native American tradition. By reading up on the spiritual characteristics of the animal that matches your zodiac sign, you can learn more about yourself and about what the future has in store.


The Otter- January 20th – February 19th (Aquarius)

Those born under the sign of Aquarius have the playful nature of the otter. They are fun to be around and have plenty of charm. They have a way of looking at circumstances in a unique manner that sets them apart from the rest of the zodiac.

The Wolf- February 20th – March 19th (Pisces)

The wolf is the spiritual animal belonging to people born under the sign of Pisces. The wolf is a territorial animal, strong, and full of passion. People of this sign have great listeners and they always have something important to say.

The Falcon- March 20st – April 19th (Aries)

The corresponding Native American zodiac to people born under Aries is the falcon. These people are leaders, always ready to take charge of any situation without even having to be asked. Because they are quick to analyze a situation, they can sometimes be impatient.

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The Beaver- April 20th – May 20th (Taurus)

Anyone born under this sign is full of strategic ideas. They intuitively know how to go about solving a problem and they are stubborn in their goals. They are people with lots of wits who work hard and play hard.

The Deer- May 21st – June 20th (Gemini)

People who have the deer as their sign are known for their ability to make people laugh. They are always aware of mood changes in a room and are quick to adjust to them. They are inspiring people who have great leadership abilities.

The Woodpecker- June 21st – July 21st (Cancer)

Anyone born under this sign is someone in-tune with their emotions. They feel very strongly and they make excellent parents. They have great empathetic abilities, but they can also be stubborn when it comes to achieving their goals.

The Salmon- July 22nd – August 21st (Leo)

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People born under this sign are full of enthusiasm. They have an intense personality that usually turns them into the center of attention everywhere, and they are very creative.

The Bear- August 22nd – September 21st (Virgo)

These people are great at business matters. They may appear shy and reserved, but they are highly analytical. They have lots of patience, which makes them excellent teachers and they are always ready to help a friend.

The Raven- September 22nd – October 22nd (Libra)

People born under this sign are great talkers. They can convince anyone of anything, bringing charm and wit to any conversation. They are highly adaptive and they can make friends easily. Of all of the signs, this one is the best at business deals.

The Snake- October 23rd – November 22nd (Scorpio)

Of all of the Native American zodiac signs, people born under the snake are the most spiritual. They are tuned to everything that is of the spirit and they make great healers of every type.

The Owl- Nov 23 – Dec 21 (Sagittarius)

People with this sign are known for their wisdom. They know the best course of action in any situation and can be counted on for their advice. They are full of warmth and kindness, and can make excellent partners and parents.

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The Goose- December 22nd – January 19th (Capricorn)

Anyone born under this sign is very willful. They will stubbornly chase after what they want to achieve until they do so. They are also great negotiators and can have many different skills and talents.

These are the corresponding Native American signs for each one of the 12 zodiac signs we are all so well acquainted with. Which one is yours?


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