8 Reasons Why Your Kidneys Need A Detox And How To Do It Naturally

8 Reasons Why Your Kidneys Need A Detox And How To Do It Naturally

This is because their digestion and metabolism create a very high amount of the by-product of waste called creatinine. Creatinine levels increase as it can not be filtered throughout the kidneys, so it is important for kidney function to keep levels of creatinine down.

The Most Beneficial Foods for Kidney Detox

Including the most beneficial foods for your body is a great way to naturally detoxify your system. The best foods to benefit the kidneys are red pappers, cauliflower, cabbage, apples, garlic, onions, cherries, berries and cranberries. These foods are all nourishing for the kidneys. Develop meal plans to incorporate these foods into your everyday diet.

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicines, such as dandelion, can benefit the kidneys by their richness in potassium and their diuretic-like actions. Alternative medicines can help clear away any excess water that is being stored in the body. Another natural remedy is uva ursi, otherwise known as Bear’s grape. Uva ursi is great in that it helps to repair inflammation and injury to the kidneys due to infections or stones. Uva ursi has anti-microbial properties in its arbutin, which also helps to treat urinary tract infections.

Gokshura is an Ayurvedic supplement that boosts kidney function and health. It is very beneficial to people who often suffer from urinary tract infections and kidney stones. Gokshura helps to cool and soothe urinary membranes in addition to maintaining the flow of urine and relieving pain. Its antibiotic properties also aid bladder infections.

While the incidence of kidney problems is on the rise, there are ways to detox your body to help support your kidneys. Consuming the right foods and drinks will aid the kidneys in their vital function.