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Scientific Reason Of Jealousy In Women Was Found, And It’s Not Because Of Low Self Esteem

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Scientific Reason Of Jealousy In Women Was Found, And It's Not Because Of Low Self Esteem

Scientific Reason Of Jealousy In Women Was Found, And It’s Not Because Of Low Self Esteem

When it comes to women and jealousy, most will agree that a little bit of the “devil’s juice”, is healthy. However, one may wonder what separates women with hormonal related jealousy and insecurity-driven jealousy. Or, if there is even a difference between the two. This article is going to explore the link between jealousy and hormones.


When you think about jealousy and women being in the same room, most think it’s driven by insecurities. It can be the downfall to a lot of relationships. A common gripe in relationships is that you hear men venting about how they love their girlfriend, they appreciate and cherish her entire being, but her jealousy is out of control. He can’t go out with his buddies, can’t have friends of the opposite gender, etc. Although insecurities may play a part in it, studies show hormones may be to blame. Let’s face it ladies, it isn’t so bad having another scientifically proven study to explain our “crazy” antics.

A study was conducted by Psychologist, Dr. Craig Roberts from Stirling University. The study took place over the course of three months. A total of 275 women between the ages of 17-35, took various versions of birth control containing synthetic forms of estrogen and progesterone. Both of these $e* hormones bring out what is referred to as the “green-eyed monster”, which heightens a woman’s suspicion of her mans fidelity. It was found that the women who had been taking contraceptives with higher levels of estrogen were more likely to experience jealousy. On the other end of the spectrum, subjects who were taking progesterone-only versions of birth control experienced minimal to no increase in jealousy.

With this information now fresh in mind, when looking at which birth control brand is suited best for you, take a look at the packet. If you happen to see the word, “ethinylestradiol”, that is a key sign that particular birth control contains a high amount of estrogen. The study shows that women taking these types of contraceptives will find it less likely to form and maintain relationships, especially healthy ones. Dr. Roberts suggests that women and pharmaceutical providers are not fully aware of the impact and severity high levels of estrogen have on women.

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Another study conducted at the University of Haifa, located in Israel found similar findings. In this particular study, there were 56 participants who completed two separate sessions. The purpose of this study was to explore the effects of Oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone”. During the fist session, half were given Oxytocin while the other half were provided with placebos. During the second session the groups switched. Oxytocin has been proven to have positive effects on positive feelings. For those not aware, Oxytocin is released into the body during childbirth and during love-making.

On the flip end of this, Oxytocin is also known to increase levels of aggression. To test this out, after the participants were administered the drug they were asked to play a game of luck with a competitor. These people were given three doors to pick from, and behind which door they chose they were awarded a sum of money they were allowed to keep. Their competitor was playing next to them and was able to see the amount they won. If they happened to win more than their competitor the study had shown they were experiencing negative feelings such as envy.

There has not been a link between whether or not age makes a difference. However, as women get older they will eventually go through menopause, causing the body to change. I believe that once you reach a certain age, the variables change and you are unable to pinpoint exactly what is triggering jealousy.

In closing, I personally believe that there is a link between birth control itself and its ability to affect how women handle their emotions. I believe that anything that messes with your hormones is a recipe for disaster, causing a woman to sometimes go into an emotional, downward spiral. It’s important to thoroughly check all side effects of any and every medication prior to taking it.

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