6 Things To Consider Before Complete Break Up With Your Partner

6 Things To Consider Before Complete Break Up With Your Partner

6 Things To Consider Before Complete Break Up With Your Partner

4. Reflect on the good memories

When you are in the heat of a battle with your partner, it is often difficult to remember what brought you together in the first place. However, when you start to think about all of the good times you have had together, you can forget why you were fighting in the first place. Even if the situation with your partner seems insurmountable, you can choose to remember all of the good memories. Chances are, the good times outweigh the bad. And, you can probably see more good times if you look ahead and see past your current situation.

5. Try scheduling a date night

When couples find themselves in a relationship rut, sometimes making an extra effort to spend quality time together is all that is needed to enhance the communication connection. Dr. Firestone labels this a “Fantasy Bond” which is when couples replace sincerity with routine. Breaking that routine by going on a creative date night will not only spark your creativity but will also benefit the relationship. Think about your partner’s passions in life and try to build a special date around that passion.

6. This decision to break up is likely permanent

Although it is possible that you may take a break for awhile before eventually getting back together, the break up is most likely permanent. Chances are your partner will move on and search for companionship elsewhere before you decide that you do indeed want to get back together. By the time you decide you do love your partner, it may be too late.

Take a set amount of time to consider these things before you call the relationship off. Think about getting some emotional support and advice from a well-trusted friend, or consider the possibility of counseling if your partner is willing. Ultimately, this decision will impact your entire future so it is one not to make hastily.