For Boosting Your Spouse’s Self Esteem Follow These 7 Steps

For Boosting Your Spouse's Self Esteem Follow These 7 Steps

For Boosting Your Spouse’s Self Esteem Follow These 7 Steps

Marriage can be hard. Stress can make people forget why the ever got married in the first place. It’s important to make sure that never happens by taking some time to remind your spouse that you care and to build up their self-esteem and sense of self-worth. It doesn’t take much to remind them that you care as long as you take the time and effort to do it in the first place.

Start the Day Off Right

Your first interaction in the morning will set the tone for the rest of the day. Start it off with a compliment, or simply by wishing your spouse a good morning. It will start the day on a pleasant note and remind them that you care.

Learn to Listen

Few things make a person feel as good as being listened to. Listening is a skill, and learning it can pay dividends. Ask for clarification if you need it, but don’t offer advice unless your spouse seems to want it. Try to avoid distractions or multitasking while you listen to make sure that you understand everything.

Ask for Input

Asking a person for input is a sign that you value them. Asking for help with an easy task seems lazy and patronizing, but asking for help with something that your spouse is good at and your are not will make them feel important and trusted.

Offer, Don’t Insist

You should always offer to help your spouse if they look like they need it, but never insist on helping them if they refuse. Pressing the issue will make your spouse feel incompetent and dependent, which can lead to resentment over long periods of time. Always remember that there are times when people want to do things own their own, even if it’s hard to manage.

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