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6 Scientifically-Proven Signs You’re More Intelligent Than Average

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6 Scientifically-Proven Signs You're More Intelligent Than Average

6 Scientifically-Proven Signs You’re More Intelligent Than Average

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People are always looking for magic tricks to become smarter or even look smarter. From the outside it is hard to tell who has the highest intelligence. In fact, there are a few ways to tell for sure who is smarter. These ways are not just by looks or feeling but by actual research from scientists. Is it nature or nurture? Science says it can be a little bit of both. The following ways are research backed signs of intelligence.


1. Inheritance from Parents

The number one most likely indicator of above average intelligence is having smart parents. Children of doctors, engineers, scientists, lawyers, professors and other bright people tend to be smarter than the average person. For example, Albert Einstein’s children were all university professors and even his grandchildren became famous engineers. Low IQ prisoners tend to have children that also end up in prison (although this has a number of other factors besides intelligence). Unfortunately, this is something you can’t change unless you have the ability to go back in time.

2. People who don’t smoke

This is one that you can have a lot more control on. People that smoke (either cigarettes or marijuana to a lesser extent) actually lower their IQ over time. According to researchers who did a study of 20,000 individuals, people that smoke had an average IQ of around 90, whereas the general population has an average IQ of 100. Those 10 points make a huge difference in cognitive ability. While it is unclear if smoking causes the IQ drop or the people with low IQ tend to smoke, researchers have found a strong correlation.

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3. People who are good at music

While music is often seen as a hobby or entertainment, good musicians are actually proven to be smarter than the average person. They have the ability to keep the notes, chords and melody in their heads and arrange them in a pleasant way using the notes on the page. They keep the rhythm and demonstrate a lot of coordination. These people tend to be better at math and also can learn languages faster.

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4. People that are tall

Yes, tall people do get the benefits. Not only are they usually better at sports and often have an advantage in job prospects, they are also scientifically proven to be smarter than the average person. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t be a genius if you are short. In fact, some of the best scientists, writers and thinkers have been short. Still, men above six feet and women above five foot eight tend to be smarter than the average person. Not every basketball player is a genius but they actually are usually the smartest ones in their circle of friends. And if you study a basketball player’s intelligence while keeping their socio-economic circumstances constant, they actually come out much smarter than the average person.

5. People that are skinny

Unfortunately, this is another situation where skinny people get all the benefits. Skinny people tend to do better in physical fitness, in interpersonal relationships, and in the job market. They also tend to be smarter on average. Whether being skinny is inherited or being skinny is the result of the right eating decisions is still under dispute. Surely it is a combination of these two factors. Similarly, being smart is a combination of factors and not all large people are dunces. However, those who have less body mass are proven to be

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6. Funny

Comedy writers are some of the funniest people and comedians are all very bright. The original writers on The Simpsons all went to Harvard for example. Even if you think about your circle of friends, those with quick wits and sharp tongues are usually smarter. Funny people tend to be able to think on their feet quickly which means that they also have higher IQ and can solve complex puzzles. While it is a little more difficult to quantitatively test for humor, studies have shown over and over that people perceived as funny tend to have higher IQs.

Overall, distinguishing who is smart or not based on few outward features will always be an impossible task. However, the task of science and research is to determine the qualities that indicate above average intelligence over a large population. Using these qualities, people can have a better guess at who has a high IQ and who has a low IQ. In addition, if you want to improve your IQ, research says there are some things you can do like making smarter food decisions, solving many brain teasers and increasing your education. In any case, each person should be judged on their own merit.


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