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Apply THIS Mix On Your Feet Before Bed And Get That Baby-like Sleep

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Apply THIS Mix On Your Feet Before Bed And Get That Baby-like Sleep

Apply THIS Mix On Your Feet Before Bed And Get That Baby-like Sleep

The average insomniac has a mental repertoire of “easy sleep” solutions filed away from over the years. From vitamin supplements to bedtime tunes, thousands of people all across America feel they have tried it all. What they may not realize, in a decade marked by pharmaceutical intervention, is that a simple combination of natural oils can make a world of difference for chaotic sleeping patterns. The ancient Romans knew the benefits of natural, medicinal oils and those benefits prevail to this age, confirmed in studies from recent decades.

Baby-like Sleep

Particularly, natural oils used in combination with targeted massage therapy can induce deep, relaxed slumber. The idea behind this incorporates the stimulation of pressure points in the feet, as well as the beneficial properties inherent to three of nature’s most prominent relaxants: lavender, magnesium, and chamomile oil. To better understand how a foot massage and these oils relate to the quality of sleep, let’s examine each component’s benefits in detail.

Reflexology is a modern name for an ancient art. Its primary concept is simple: applying pressure to specific areas of the feet and hands impacts, through a network of nerves, other specific regions of the body. By this logic, massaging the feet is a quick method for relaxing muscles all throughout the body. Aside from this theory (which is still under study), foot massages improve blood circulation, which promotes restful sleep.

Natural oils are often an obligatory part of massage therapy, due to their positive effects on the skin and soothing scent. In particular, however, the aforementioned oils are intricately associated with distressing, healing, and improving mental wellness.

Lavender, merely by itself, is believed by some professionals capable of replacing commercial anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications. Essential lavender oil is a natural, powerful relaxant, and it even has wound-healing and infection-preventing capabilities.

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Similarly, chamomile has been known to alleviate feelings of depression, anger, and agitation. Chamomile tea is marketed as a “bedtime” tea for good reason—its natural oil acts as a very mild sedative while holding also the ability to boost the quality of mood.

Lastly, magnesium is best known for its distressing properties. When functioning naturally within the body, magnesium calms nerves and muscles, and those who are deficient in magnesium find it difficult to respond well to stressful situations. Magnesium is a mineral essential in the everyday wellness of mind, and as an oil, it has a uniquely strong calming effect.

To create a soothing solution out of these oils, you can combine four ounces of magnesium oil with ten drops each of lavender and chamomile. These proportions can be toggled to your personal liking, but take note and be aware that lavender and chamomile can both be quite potent when used in excess. It is recommendable to compile the solution into a spray bottle so that application before massaging the feet can be made easier. Simply by applying this mixture of oils to the soles of the feet, you are taking advantage of each oil’s restful properties.

A good night’s sleep can be as simple as establishing a routine, introducing natural remedies, and learning to pamper yourself properly after the rush of the workday. Treating yourself well is often the key to relaxing—and making a habit of it is often a key to more fulfilling rest.

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