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What The Medical World Doesn’t Want You To Know About Cancer

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What The Medical World Doesn’t Want You To Know About Cancer

What The Medical World Doesn’t Want You To Know About Cancer

Some of the most devastating news that people can get is that they have cancer. Almost immediately, the body and mind goes through the same process that it does with grieving; such as shock, denial, anger, etc. After the initial shock, cancer patients often feel helpless and confused with the complicated decisions that they will be facing. They and their loved ones start on a difficult journey that a lot of people do not finish.


They are quickly assured by their medical providers that all hope is not lost, because they have one of the best oncology departments in the area. Before patients can even process the news, they are whisked away into another office to make an appointment with the cancer doctor. This specialist will run some tests and will give the patients a better idea of the scope of their illness and a possible treatment plan.

Within a few weeks, they will be hooked to IVs that will pump strong chemicals into their body. They will go through these often brutal chemical and radiation treatments without a whole lot of questions. After all, don’t these medical professionals know all about cancer and how to treat it? These patients seldom even hear about alternative treatments. They are just going to have surgeries, chemo, and radiation—and that is the final verdict.

It is a sad fact that people make a lot of assumptions when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. We are daily bombarded by the media about all the latest developments that the medical community has made about it. Newspapers and magazines talk about all the wonderful medicines that are available for cancer treatment. But is the public really getting the facts?

According to an online article on theheartysoul.com, there is quite a lot of misinformation about cancer that is coming from our medical professionals. The article says that as early as 1930, a scientist by the name of Dr. Rife was achieving success with changing cancer cells back into normal cells. How was this revelation accepted? The FDA and the AMA closed down his study and put a lid on the positive results.

The article discusses the basis for what causes cancer. It all has to do with the production of ATP, or energy, in the cells. In a simplistic explanation, cells take in glucose and use a complex chemical reaction to produce pyruvate. As this essential chemical enters the cell’s mitochondria, the reaction causes a production of ATP, says the article.

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In cancer cells, explains the article, harmful microbes block a lot of glucose from being converted into essential pyruvate and ATP energy. So it could be assumed that if the harmful microbes were destroyed, then the cell would convert glucose normally again. This is exactly what Dr. Rife did—and the results were amazing. When he killed the microbes, the cancer cells turned back into normal cells, says the article.

As a matter of fact, the article reports that there is an organization called the Independent Cancer Research Foundation which furthered Dr. Rife’s studies and found at least 25 different ways of safely killing these harmful microbes and essentially curing cancer. Numerous studies have come to the same conclusion. So now, medical experts are rejoicing and are recommending these natural, effective therapies to their patients—right? Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Groups such as the American Medical Association and the American Cancer Society have only acknowledged these discoveries as merely anecdotal and even pseudo-science. At best, some experts may claim that the ICRF’s work is a mediocre alternative.

These medical groups put their brains and money into DNA research. According to the article, they are trying to fix cell DNA that is being altered by microbes. The ICRF says that DNA research does not make a lot of since if nothing is being done to eradicate the microbes that are causing the damage in the first place. Again, most experts in the medical community do not want to hear any other solutions but their own. Why would cancer specialists not want to hear about such successful treatments?

Let’s look at how much the cancer treatment industry is making in the United States. According to a study published by the National Cancer Institute in 2011, cancer patients spend an estimated $157 billion dollars a year for treatment. By 2020, the study estimates that the cost can skyrocket over $173 billion. With profits like these, it is not too hard to believe that the medical community and big pharmaceutical companies do not want alternative medicines. They are valuing profits and their shareholders more than their cancer patients.

What these experts do not want the public knowing is that there are natural cancer treatments that have been shown to eliminate cancer and that these cures have been available for a long time. Instead of pumping patients with dangerous chemicals and radiation, there are botanical and herbal cures that can heal the body. If people turned to alternative cures rather than traditional medicine, then all of these big research and drug companies would be out of business. That’s why they do not want us to know.

The heartysoul.com article mentions that people have seen their cancers shrink and even disappear with simple supplements of honey and turmeric. Imagine—common things found in nature can be the cure to one of the most devastating diseases of our time! If you or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, it is well worth your while to get the facts on alternative treatments. You may be surprised with some of the results you will find.

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